Found Out My Neighbor Is This Scary White Guy With Dreads

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheBigH, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. White guy with dreads?
    Definitely smokes the herb

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  2. Ask him if the carpet matches the drapes!
  3. I had a white teacher is high school with dreads who was Rastafarian and married a Jamaican girl. I should have asked him to smoke with me.
  4. Hahaha I just read this wondering if it was me being referred to...last place I lived I never really encountered my neighbors unless I was on my porch smoking cigars.  And the mean look is a combination of not wanting to look too much like a happy stoner in public and not wanting people to come up and try to get all "Hey my 420-friendly homie, I'm hip, I'm with it, wanna toke up sometime?" And the locks are meant to be intimidating because when you see a tall white guy across the boxing ring from you looking like that it's gonna play with you mentally...and it cushions punches :p
  5. just ask if he smokes. Just straight asking if someone sells is super sketchy
  6. Are you my neighbor if so come over man I'll.blaze with ya .. if I looked mad probably had a bad daySent from my XT907 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Don't go up and ask him, that's a sign of trouble, just ask if he wants to smoke a joint with you. 
  8. Grow your own dreads and that can be an ice breaker
  9. if you live in the same town as me then yes, yes he does but its realllllll shwaggy
  10. ask him what part of jamaica he be from mon, itll be irie so say jah, one luv rudeboy bloodbrudda bumbklaat
  11. so... update? OP hasnt posted in this thread since starting it. did you burn with your neighbor yet? be alot cooler if you did.
  12. OP is dead
  13. RIP Op , here's to you  :bongin:
  14. The neighbor is the real life dude of that guy with dreads in gta. Instead of the drug they do they grow weed and Trevor shot op when he went and see what was up... Only logical outcome to fix.

    But seriously hope op just got hella high and been tkoed since posting.

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  15. You sure it's not Riff Raff?
  16. Still here. 

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