Found Out My Neighbor Is This Scary White Guy With Dreads

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  1. You think he sells? Should I just walk up to his house and ask him? The reason I say he's scary is because I saw him today and never knew who lived in that house. He had a really mean look on his face and was really tall. He was outside smoking a cigarette. But for some reason the dreads make me automatically think he's holding. 

  2. This could be entertaining. :cool:
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    Go and ask. I'm sure he's holding some herb. Looks like you found a stoner neighbor.
  4. Don't be scared, just ask. 
  5. don't ask if he personally sells, but if he can hook you up. 
    less sketchy that way.
  6. nono. don't ask if he can hook you up either. still is sketchy
    Ask him if he smokes, then smoke with him, build trust. then ask if he can hook you
  7. white guy with dreads used mean look!
  8. does he have a brother?
  9. exactly
  10. You don't have to have bud be the first thing you talk about with this guy :p.  He's your neighbor, you can befriend him first.
  11. If he's out smoking a cig go out with a j and after awhile be like wanna hit?
  12. Chloroform him and search his house while he's out
  13. LOL White guy with dreads...yea he most likely smokes...or is atleast accepting of marijuana...
    A teacher at my high school had dreads...she was the natural,don't shave type though im sure..always wore long dresses...Would've beat, and im pretty sure she was smoking or would smoke weed when class let out for the summer.
  14. Don't be SKURD!
  15. Lol don't straight up ask him. It's not cause he has dreads that he smoked weed... I'd be a bit more subtle.
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    "Your son asked me for marijuana"

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  17. if you're scared, go to church! 
    whats the update, you smoke each other out ye?
  18. If he opens the door and you see posters of snoop lion, run!!!!
  19. just ram your middle finger into the tenderest part of his anus lmfaoo im ripped :bongin: i kill myself
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    Just start a casual conversation about his dreads or something and ask if he likes to toke.

    He probably just looks mean so cops think he isn't high.

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