found out my gf once had a miscarrage

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  1. so i was chilling with my girlfriend after a nice bowl of some amazing sativa dank. we were on our week anniversary. so we chill in her room and mes around on her bed. and she was ready to go further. her mom was at the store or something. i had a condom but she says "god i hope i dont get pregnant again, i never told anyone but the guy who took my virginity when i was drunk got me pregnant and the baby died". i was traumatised by this, and a little nervious because the whole environment went from sexy and romantic, to skanky and whorish. i understand it wasnt her fault that she got raped, but this fucked my mind so bad i couldnt even get a fuckin boner. it was a disaster, i was sittin there jerkin embarrasing lol...........we laugh about it luckily, but i guess we just werent ready cuz wev only been dating for a week, but things r serious. i plan on actually having sex with her this week :smoke:
  2. sweet!
    make shure your stoned
    stoned sex is good sex
    "don't be a fool, wrap your tool":smoke:
  3. Make sure the fetus is out before poking.
  4. is this a joke? im pretty confused about all this, its really disturbing to me. i dont know how the baby died or what killed it.
  5. lol

    dont wear a condom much better :)
  6. That news is quite traumatizing. At least she told you a week into it, although the timing was questionable.

    If you like her, have fun.
  7. no thanks im not fond of child support payments wen i can sheild it for pennies
  8. Wow, you have yourself a winner. She knows just what to say to send a man's libido into overdrive:hello:

    "god i hope i dont get pregnant again, i never told anyone but the guy who took my virginity when i was drunk got me pregnant and the baby died"


    "I have full-blown AIDS"

    Which one can make your wang shrivel faster?
  9. dude exactly. i was kicking myself afterwords cuz i thought my wang needed viagra or something, but that whole quote just shrinked it, haha she tried to jack me off too to get it horny, that didnt even work.
  10. hehe thats pretty funny, i guess you could compare it, shes never given a hand job before so it didnt turn me on at all, but she was wet as fuck wen i felt up her vag
  11. wait wait wait.

    was she RAPED? or did she just happen to get pregnant her first time..
    theres a difference dude.

    but yeah, youre good to its been said, watch out for the fetus and wear a rubbah.:wave::wave:
  12. :rolleyes:
  13. yea that timing was ridiculous, i mean, who says that?

    "mmm baby tell me more bout dat vagina scraping"

    whats that eye roll for?

    date-rape isnt rape.

    i prefer to think of it as the lazy man's necrophilia.

    all the motionless body fucking,

    none of the corpse digging.

  14. Lawl....
  15. dont be assholes. i dont even know how the baby died, i support womens choice because i know assholes who rape women could care less if they get pregnant or not. and how is it not rape? its not consentual
  16. i was about to say the same thing about how isnt it rape?? rape is rape...if she said yes..then wasnt..if she did NOT say yes *and this doesnt mean "well she didnt say no"* then its still rape...thats the "glory" of date-rape..the person usually doesnt have the means to say yes OR no...either thru inebriation or by getting drugged

    and how do you find what she told you skanky and whorish? i found nothing in what you "quoted" her saying to be either
  17. idk man. i knew she was date raped, but that was just a sick thing to hear. her mom didnt know about it so how did the baby die? its all i could think about for a couple minutes. then it just burned in my mind. i guess im over it, but i feel really bad for her, and i want to stab that guy who raped her. it wasnt her fault, and im sure it scarred her enough. and yes. that timing was horrendous
  18. wow............

    thats a tough one
  19. its not much of a decision. i just thought id share a life changing story that im going to end up telling my kids one day. im actually getting alot of bonors, so ima c her tomorrow

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