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  1. what equipment/setup would i need if i wanted to grow just one single plant, havent really found any threads for a single plant or two.
  2. How do you want to grow it and how large?
  3. i want to grow it in a soil pot and size? as big as it can get. im a complete noob to growing so i dont know much
  4. if it helps i think the seed is OG Kush strain
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    you shouldnt spend a bunch of money on equipment for just one bagseed, I think your most realistic option is outdoor growing, which probably (depending on your location) means you got quite some time to do research while youre waiting for spring.
    the least youre gonna need is some good soil to start your seed in (organically fertilized would be best, always add perlite for aeration) and later you could plant it in the ground, or you can put it into bigger pots as it grows.
    with a good organic soil mix (check the organics section of this forum) you dont need to add any fertilizer throughout the grow, you just gotta water and keep it in a sunny spot and the quality of your bud could surpass any indoor weed that youve ever smoked.
    bagseed is extremely unreliable though, you might just get a male or a female/hermy that barely yields anything.

    if you really want to grow indoors, which is waaaaaaay more expensive and complicated, then you should really buy some proper seeds, it sucks to spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours and get a few grams of shwag.
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    how large of a space do you plan on growing in. Do you plan on sticking with it or you just want to dabble? I agree with previous post.

  7. wow thanks for the info! i live in virginiaso i have a while to wait before it gets warm again.

  8. i plan on sticking with it yea. the space i would grow it in is the size of a closet.:)
  9. Closets come in different dimensions

  10. ummm h x w x l

    9ft x 1ft x 6ft
  11. Hmm. I think t5 lights & lst would be the best option for dimension. Hate saying that.

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