Found my pipe. what to do??

Discussion in 'General' started by The beginner, May 22, 2010.

  1. so i ordered a pipe online. and it arrived today at like 8:50 and my mom left for work at 9:30. im pretty sure she took it with her or something. cause i cant find the box anywhere!
    its a native american peace pipe about 5 inches long. what should i say when she confronts me about it??
  2. I'm an adult an occasionally like to smoke out of it (tobacco or w.e.)
  3. Man up, ask her if she saw a box. And when she asks what's in the box, you tell her that it's a pipe for smoking marijuana.

    Honesty with your parents is something everyone should do. Shit, now a days I make my mom look at my plant to see how big it's gotten.
  4. Make up a pain you're suffering from and say you resorted to smoking and it helps a lot with the pain or make her watch the union :D
  5. When she comes home mention nothing about it.
    Then when she falls asleep at night take her vehicle a few miles somewhere and hide it.

    Then the next morning if she questions you about where her car is you tell her this;

    "you tell me what you know, I'll tell you what I know."
  6. Say:
    "Mom, I was expecting this cool gift for a friend. It was supposed to come today, have you seen it?"
    If she asks what it is for, tell her this friend (think of name NOW!) collects native american stuff and smokes tobacco.
    End of story.
  7. this.
  8. grow some balls?
  9. best advice on here. honestly tho this is what i came up with. here is what went down tho. she came home. handed me the package and made some joke about it. as she jumped in the shower i opened it up removed the pipe, and replaced it with some instructions for something else i had. and filled it up with a package of bolts. i then left it at the counter. and when she looked into it that settled whatever doubts she had in her mind. (denial is very powerful) anyway. i cant tell her its for smoking MJ! she turns people in. she turned me in before too. so whenever im living at home. i got to keep things on the down low. even for tobacco. she would flip out
  10. Your mom would turn you in....?
  11. To the 5-0... Thats just mad crazy "dawg".
  12. yep. i know its messed up. She has turned her step brother in in the 80's when they were smuggling stuff across the border.
    but when i was 16 i told her i smoked weed. at first she seemed ok with it. but then when i went out with some friends she went into my room found a bong. (even tho i quit smoking for like 2 weeks, i just left the bong there, stupid) and called the cops. got my license suspended until i was 17. so. ever since then ive been REAL careful. idk if she would do it again. but im not gonna take the risk
  13. yes


    she was smuggling with her step brother?
  14. How does you having a bong equal getting a suspended license? That's just madness.

    If my mother called the police on me for smoking marijuana I probably wouldn't talk to her for a few years after that.
  15. Well if you dont use the pipe she cant call the cops on you cause you havent used it?
  16. she wasnt smuggling with her step brother. but she found out about it.

    it was tested for THC, and ya. i didnt talk to her for several weeks. (she didnt know why i wasnt talking to her...dumb bitch)

    right. but she would know whats up. maybe consficate it. wait till i use mj. keep an extra look out for me. but. thank god she didnt find it.
  17. Mother problems? that woman gave birth to you, be a bit more grateful.
  18. your honestly not 18. my mother is anti-herb too but i don't call her a dumb bitch. go hug her and tell her your honest thoughts. thats all you can do.
  19. How do you know that he wanted to be born? He never asked to be born. So why would he be grateful for something he was forced to do such as living. :ey:
  20. Life is pretty bitchin' if you were to ask me. Living is one hell of an experience. How would one oppose such a notion such as living life without self-awareness?

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