Found my dad's old stash

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  1. So I've always known that my parents both used to smoke weed, but not anymore. Neither of them have ever told me not to smoke weed outright. Recently though I've been remembering some stuff from my early childhood (how early, I have no idea, anywhere between 4 and 10 I'm guessing). I remember this plant in my basement, behind the furnace, with a bright light over it. I remember thinking this was odd, but I didn't really put much thought into it cause my dad has always been kinda weird. He never really hid it (he's really bad at hiding stuff anyways) but I remember he didn't want me to touch it, probably cause he didn't want to lose any good bud :smoke:. Anyways, I'm in my garage with my bong and my friend goes "yo, why is there a pack of cigarettes and a lighter up there?". And I was like :confused::confused:. I look up and see the cigs on an old shelf. I know my dad doesn't smoke cigarettes anymore, and hasn't for a long time, so I knew it had to be old. Then I look to the right and there's a wooden box. I take it off the shelf and realize that there's a sick ass pipe on it! At this point I'm like :eek:. There's also a trippy ass lighter. So I'm about to open the box and I feel so much anticipation. So I open it up and there's like a Q in there! Now I'm like :hello:. The weed was all in like 5 different bags, there were also a bunch of zig-zags, a razorblade, and my favourite discovery, a bag of seeds. Now all my theories were confirmed. Keep in mind all this stuff is like 10 years old (give or take a few). He must have just forgotten about all that stuff there, because that was a horrible hiding spot. So I put all the stuff back in exactly the same spot, and took a celebratory bong hit.

    Okay, so I'm assuming that both the weed and the seeds are now useless, can anyone confirm this? Would there be any danger if I tried to smoke some anyways?

    Also, what is the best way to go about asking my dad if I can grow in the house/getting him to rip bong with me?
  2. just smoke it
  3. I would smoke it and grow those seeds!

    I dont see no experation you?:smoke::D
  4. Dude thats fucking rad

    I had a friend give me his dads old stash and his old pipe when we were drunk once. God damn that was some good shit
  5. i smoked 6-8 year old weed, it was nasty but it worked. the seeds should be ok i think? they are preserved when dry i think?
  6. I suppose I'll have to smoke it then!:smoke:

  7. In most cases I would advise against smoking your dad's stash, but from your story, it seems safe to say that he wont miss it. :smoke::D
  8. Here's a thought: have a bowl packed in his old pipe and ask him if he wants to go burn one with you.
  9. post a picture of the pipe.

    also, just smoke the weed. as long as there's no mold on it it won't hurt you. if it's dry you could moisten it a bit.
  10. Pics or it didn't happen :D
  11. Pics or it probably did happen but it would be cool to see.
  12. If there's no mold on it and it's been in a baggy in a wooden box then it's prolly actually awesome bud because of 4-10yrs of "curing"(not really but the chlorophyll should've still broken down alot making for a smoother smoke).

    Dont moisten it though and just ask your pops if he would like to share a bowl with the "past version of himself":cool:.
  13. Dear Son,

    I'm very glad you finally found it.

    I wanted to tell you all about weed, but as a "father", I couldn't really do that. I know that you smoke too, and I know what you're going through.

    Of course we all have different lessons from the herb, but I can still relate.

    I hope you have good and long lasting relationship with weed. It can do so much for your life. Or against it. Depending on how you use it.

    As for the weed from the box you found, don't smoke it.

    Put everything back in the box, the way you found it, and leave the box where it is. You don't see me smoking your stuff, do you?

    Your dad
  14. Okay, but I can grow in the house, right?

    I'll upload pics tomorrow. Most definitely not making this up.

  15. I never doubted you.

    So I'm being honest with you. Don't cross bongs with your dad.

    There's a line between a father and a son, that shouldn't be crossed.

    It's best if both of you pretend you don't know.

    How old are you anyway?

    edit : No, you can't grow in the house.
  16. Dont fucking smoke it! Talk to him about it :smoke:
  17. steal a little of the bud. it could be some good exotic from back in the day. unless you examined it already?
  18. Just mention it to him see what he says? Im sure he'll appreciate it just for the nostalgia even if he doesnt smoke any, and you might get some free bud.
  19. that would be some good Shit !!:D
  20. Swap a nug of yours for a nug of his. Just to see how it is after 10 years.

    Then go talk to him. :wave:

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