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Found a sick piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Melikes, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. not actually too sick. lol but I broke my 2 nice bowls at once..... have been rolling since then, up until when you guys answer cuz i found a pipe!

    It was in the mud under a shitty car. had a packed bowl but it was schwagg.. never seen a 3inch metal pipe with so much use. Cleaned it out with alc n salt. Then boiled. Then Alc and salt again. Then q tips. Then boiled. the alc n salt. Then it was finally all cleaannn :)

    My questions is. There is no way theirs anything bad left in this that could get me sick or something right?

    After typing this i realize That i probaly stole some kids bowl he stashed. Was at the hoco fair. Too late now ehh
  2. Totally.:cool:
  3. nah your good
  4. Cool story bro.
  5. Lulzz

    Pics OP?
  6. IDK? i personally wouldn't smoke out of it.
  7. There's a small possibility that you will die...
  8. Yeah like technically from boiling it should be safe, but it just seems dirty lol. What can survive 212 degree water? Is there anything harmful? ill grab a pic right now. oh yeah and I soaked it in Mouthwash because I was wrecked and thought it would make it smell good again. It did.
  9. You will be fine. Im sure boiling it 2 times kills all the germs.

  10. Well the only way you can really tell is if you take it to a doctor and get a professional opinion. Boiling doesn't really take care of sick pieces too well.

    By the way, hoco fair? You live in Georgia by any chance?
  11. is it fucked up that i hope the previous owner used it to smoke PCP? :D
  12. PICS or it didn't happen.
  13. ^^ yes.... and okay fuck it ill use it. I actually loled when i read phantommxriders post. haha and phantom I said hoco short for Howard county. In Maryland.
  14. lol i sure as fuck wouldnt smoke from a metal bowl, ESPECIALLY from the fair (if its like around here undoubtedly over flowing with meth/crack/opi heads).
  15. Don't; the alcohol (that definitely does not kill all of the germs) combines with the 212 degree boiling water (that again definitely doesn't kill ALL the germs and will then combine with the herpes and gonorrhea (that was in the pipe resin after that one bad party incident the previous owner had) to produce herpagonasyphilaids.

    No but seriously, you're good man.
  16. [​IMG]

    here it is. not fancy. or expensive. but looks efficient. Now Howard county is filled with rich kids who sell quaps while in highschool, but not to many meth crack opi heads.

  17. Id throw that thing as far as i could behind my house man, i dont fuck with any metal pieces anymore, let alone find one and smoke from it.

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