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Found a Seed in my no-name dank...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BloodyHighlighr, May 8, 2009.

  1. found a seed, what does this mean never found a single seed in dank before, its not mids either its dank and there was a seed woot what should i do
  2. What does this mean?!
  3. lol just wondering if its even supposed to find seeds in dank, thought only mids had seeds
  4. Seeds come from fertilization of the female plant by the male, which means that at some point in the grow, there was a male. Basically they didn't get rid of a male fast enough. But that doesn't mean that it aint dank. It's just that, in general, seeds indicate a lower quality bud cause producing seeds takes up energy that is better spent producing THC.

    in short, just cause you have a seed, doesn't mean it's bad weed.
  5. Ahh thanks always wondered the diff and seeds etc, but thats cool i guess i have a seed now! it was really good weed too. time to start researching...
  6. ur lucky to find it, keep the seed and plant it, it obviously has great genetics
  7. Actually it could either be a great seed to have or total crap. A lot of the stuff people buy are F1 hybrids that do not breed true, so the genetics of any seeds are not the same as the bud it came from.

    Additionally, much of the time a lone seed or two found in top shelf bud was a result of self pollination via hermaphrodism. In those cases the odds are good that the offspring from the seed will also be a hermaphrodite.
  8. eww dirty hermy seed
  9. hey man it might be a hermie but u wont know for sure until it grows. so grow it! propagation of the marijuana plant is your responsibility as a smoker.
  10. hahaha

    germinate and get started
  11. stop smoking it immediatly! dont smoke anymore of it! This seed could spread seeds throughout your room and the bud is poison!!! you need to keep the bud in a jar and package it up then send it to me. Ill let you know whats the problem asap. again, stop smoking this bud and send it to me asap!!!!!!!
  12. k pm me your address ty for the help
  13. crickets
  14. I thought that shit was funny. lol
    smoke a blunt.
  15. Cannabis is a low concern protected plant! Save the good herb!

    Plant and GROW!
  16. and so the journey begins....
  17. 3 1/2 years

    that is all.
  18. nice bump

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