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    i found a really nice headshop about a couple months ago that had the only perked bongs in my state of nh but i found that the employees were kinda mean and the prices were high but i did ended up buying my pride and joy there since it was the only place. Anyway recently i found out that there was another shop on the same street about 3 miles away that people said was smaller but had better quality glass and you could actually cut deals with the people, so i figured ill check it out.

    and im glad i did:) the lady was so nice and they had some of exact things i was looking for so heres what i picked up

    first i was looking for an ashcatcher that was roor style and the shop i bought my bong at only had the shitty one piece ones, but this place had exactly what i wanted for 50 bucks:)

    the only thing bad about this piece was that the downstem and bowl that came with it were one piece and i didnt like that but i relized that they had a huge selection of parts for gongs, including pierced hole diffusers! so i bought on that fit the ashcatcher and i bought one that fit my bong because i didnt like the slit diffuser it came with...

    so then i checked out the bowls and bought an 18mm bowl that i found had a perfect size bowl although i didnt really like the color, but my girlfriend pointed out that it matched my hooka top that came with my bong ( im color blind ) so i got it.( its on the top of the first pic)

    next thing i wanted was i new grinder. i used to have a nice kannastor* (spell) but i sold it to my dad cuz i thought he would enjoy not hand picking his bud which hes done for like 30 years lol. i heard really good things about sharpstone and what do u know this place had them. i picked a nice blue one and i love it.

    i looked at there spoons and chillums and i really just needed something small for work, and since thats the only time i use a small pipe i didnt need anything extravagant. i found this little chillum that had nice small hole in the bowl so it wouldnt kick easy and it had indents so u can hold it like a cig comfortably. It stays cherried perfect. exactly what i needed at a little price.

    lastly i finally was able to fix my very first glass on glass bong that i bought from GC like 2.5 years ago!! its a molino straight tube that i loved. almost 2 years ago i broke the downstem and could not replace it because the only head shop i new of at the time didnt carry any glass on glass and my stepdad really hates it when i ship this kinda stuff to the house. so when i found this shop i could finally fix it. so i picked up a nice diffuser and shes back in action...brings back memorys:)

    and heres my bong with its attachments and the molino


    all 3 diffusers were 25 each
    ashcatcher was 50
    bowl was 30
    chillum was 15
    sharpstone was 40

    oh and my bong was 250 and came with the hooka top...i no it was expensive but i love it none the less

    and sorry for the shitty pics... i had to use my 2 megapixel camera phone lol

    be prepared for some milkshots after i go smoke a nice bowl of beasters out of my freshly cleaned bong:D
  2. nice fucking set up
  3. That hookah top looks really awesome i never seen anything like that.
  4. thanks man its kinda funny if i look at my bong and all the things on it the price tag equals 420 so i figured im done here i just keep it at that lol

    ya i never used it when i first got it, but a couple weeks ago my girlfriend reminded me of it and now me and her use it everytime we smoke. she loves it cuz if i pull harder then her when i clear the bong i get a decent hit and she gets a perfect "girl" hit (no offense).
  5. where did u get that hookah top? im dying for something like that. im not crazy about smoking weed out of hookahs, but i'd love it if i could find that kind of attachment for a bong.
  6. Ahh, I think I saw Steam and Xfire...what games you play?
  7. Dude that's an awesome set up, i need on of those hookah tops. My friend and i are buying a 3perc this month, i can't wait
  8. Man, I'm lovin that bong. What headshop did you go to in NH? I just moved to Bedford (Just outside of Manchester) a couple of weeks ago. I'm interested in which headshop I should go to for a good deal and a badass bong.
  9. Ce ass set up! Holy damn on that hooka top!
  10. man everytime i see pics of bongs like these just makes me want to spend some money i don't have on one :p

    hahahah dude, i have those same cheap but pretty good insignia speakers as you! and nice rig in the background!
  11. im not trying to be a dick or anything but how did you not like the colour of the bowl if you are colour blind?
  12. colorblindness isnt like seeing in black and white. its a red green and maybe blue it dude, educate yourself and you will be amazed what you know

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