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  1. So i was listening to a podcast having a smoke in my bathroom and thought i heard something melodic, so i paused the podcast and heard a meow. I looked around and couldnt see it, and its 14degrees out with a windchill of 5 degrees, so going on a hunt required some prep. Didnt really want to...

    I shaved and showered and when i got out of the shower i listened for it and heard it again. So i dressed up, grabbed a flashlight and went out. I heard it coming from what sounded like under my neighbors porch, and they have only been there a few days so i didnt want to linger around, a strange hooded figure lurking around their porch with a flashlight. So i walked back and just took one last glance and thought i saw something move. But, it was just whiteness, just like the snow but i walked over and a tiny little white kitten emerged from the background of snow.

    I spoke softly and lightly touched it to see if it was going to freak out but it didnt, it was probably too cold, weak and maybe just too young. So i brought it inside and its meows woke up my gf who has a deep love for animals especially kittens (as do i), so she took the kitten and i warmed up some milk with butter and she was able to feed the kitten with a dropper from her CBD oil.


    The kitten is sleeping now and warming back up. The poor little things paws were so cold at first...

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  2. Congrats on the new family member!
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  3. Earlier this year we had a kitten under our porch, but it was older and more skittish so we basically fed and watered it outside and it became our outdoor friend. One day we let her in, she was a juvenile, and she discovered our pet bunny. The they felt each other out then the bunny took off running away and the kitten of course chased. So that was in the summer this year, that kitten disappeared.

    So after handling this kitten then petting our bunny, the bunny smelled 'cat' and pounced my hand and bolted away a few steps.

    Anyone know how to safely introduce them? I assume the kitten wont bother the bunny if it grows up around it, but at this point i am afraid of the bunny harming the kitten.

  4. [​IMG]

    Its all white except that bit on its face and its tail, which is the same color as the markings on its face.

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  5. Cats and bunnies are natural enemies .....
    If they grow up together they might get along but if either have babies it could be a problem.
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    Nice Save
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  7. Name him snowflakes after the new millennials
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  8. Did you check to see if there might be more under the deck with the Mother Cat?
    That's a small kitten but not that small
    is it able to eat food yet or only milk still?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I wouldnt do that to her though. Well idk what sex it is yet

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  10. Wow... very pretty.
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  11. I went with Odin, then thought how befitting since he also has an eyepatch!

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  12. i would suggest not feeding him bovine milk, its not so good for the youngin's tum.

    grocery stores and pet stores sell kitten milk replacement, its fairly inexpensive.

    i rescued a little kitten while living in nola, his mother was dead in the street and he was huddled up against the curb, shaking. eyes barely open, had to feed him with a cloth soaked in the kmr for the first week or so. congrats on the new homie though, i love cats - especially when its a rescue situation like this.

    this is probably two/three weeks after i brought him home, he found our older cat's sealed bag of catnip and tore it open, only to get so fucked up he couldn't walk. he sat on my lap for hours, and fell off a couple times when i wasn't paying close attention:



    i thought he would be sorta runty his whole life and now he's about 20lbs, but not quite fat..
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  13. Adorable!

    Luckily when i went to get supplies at the store i saw a lady getting cat food so i tapped her for info and she also told me to avoid milk, so ty for that.

    Yea all my pets have been rescued animals, i have a heart for animals. I used to be allergic to cats but i hope i can handle it.

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  14. My kittens loves venison, thats his catnip.

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  15. hows lil homie doin?
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  16. Very well! He has lots of energy, he climbs, runs and plays whenever sleep doesnt overtake him, which we just woke up from a 2hr nap. We have been washing him periodically to get rid of the fleas, those appear to be gone now.

    He has definitely grown in this week and a half, pretty amazing.

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  17. yeah take lots of pictures now so you remember how small he was as a kitten.

    they grow so damn fast, it made me a little sad.
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  18. No kidding. We have had him almost 2 weeks and even with seeing him every day we still notice how fast he is growing.

    Ill tell you, watching him interact with our bunny is hilarious. He is much smaller than the bunny but he loves mock stalking. I guess one time when i wasnt here he did pounce on the bunny but the bunny still isnt too afraid.

    He is cautious around the kitten but even just a minute ago, the kitten was in the bunnies favorite spot in the house and the bunny charged over and backed the kitten up into a defensive position.

    The problem is, i want the kitten to respect the bunny so he isnt a threat when he gets bigger. At the same time, i dont want the bunny being too afraid because if he runs away i know the kitten will chase him.

    I love observing animal behavior, especially multi-animal dynamics. Who needs movies, just get some animals!

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  19. that cat will love you forever
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