Found a dime bag

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DankMedical, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Just got home from Maine, got on my computer and started looking for a paper clip to scrape my pipe down for some res, when I find a dime bag of some orange kush i forgot about sitting underneath a book and now after a couple rips am completely stoned.

    Thank you god :smoke:
  2. i love how theres a topic justed posted about some guy loosing a dime bag to security and now you just found one. its like the weed gods are trying to even everything out. fuck im stoned.
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    I love when ish like that happens.. a few days ago i didn't have a lick of bud but i decided id clean my apt up and found half a blunt in a game case. don't know how it got there but it made my night. lol
  4. Damn wish I had bud, but I'm trying to go the weekend with out because I just feel like iv been smoking a bit to much lately

  5. Same here, oh well I'm stopping for college soon.
  6. kooztarrybra.
  7. yup happens to me at the randomest of times and i love it.

    Like last year i was suppose to buy a sac off my dealer who bailed on me. So i searched my entire room and wound up finding a two twenty sacks in my drawer with my grinder that i had no idea where they came from. Made my night :) :smoke:
  8. Why do things like this never happen to me :(

    Wait, I lied. It happened once. But I only ended up finding like a bowl.
  9. Fuck dude, I dropped that there. Give it back.
  10. Haha happens to me all the time cuz i was weighing shit up and someone knocked on my door so i put a pillow over the scale and bud then came back to weigh it and picked up the pillow and bud went everywhere lol i picked up as much as i could and ive found like 2 nugs laying on my carpet in the past few weeks lol its great.

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