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found a "bonus" in my sack

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woke 'n toke, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. got some dank bud/ chronic/ 50's/ whatever you want to call it. all the bud is super dank, but I also got a little extra purple:smoking:

  2. i thought u were going to say u got a seed or something. GRR!
  3. How is that a bonus?
  4. My thoughts exactly! I found a seed in my OG Kush just the other day and I should have used your title for my thread.

    Anyways nice purple nugget.

  5. cuz it's purp, lol
  6. It is a bonus because people, for whatever reason, like exotic or semi exotic looking bud. Even though purple bud is not uncommon, it's something different.
  7. shut up calicoast
  8. Dont be getting all angry guys, I think that was a mean bit of good luck.
  9. Good point. I could never figure out why they go crazy over purple grass. There's no difference other than the colour.
  10. Chill out. GC doesn't need people that are negative.

    Nice purps.
  11. w/e pb, lol
  12. lol, nuff said.
  13. daaaamn, the fuck is up?
  14. why not love the purps?
    i bet you would be excited if you see just green then get home and find a nice purple bonus
  15. Kudos on the purple nug. But what I wanna know is what the hell is it sitting on??? It's either some kinda funky looking upside down ashtray or a bowling pin... :confused:
  16. My vote is on an over turned tea cup
  17. Somebody needs a new tampon. ;)
  18. lol guys, it's a regular cup upside down next to my bathroom sink for just washing out your mouth.
  19. nice dude ive heard that when buds arent harvested till late in the season, the plants release a natural antifreeze that turns the buds purple. i dont know if it affects potency at all but it sure looks cool. nice nug.
  20. I love finding purple... I agree its like a nice little bonus despite what people say. Its usually the first zapper I take when I get home.:bongin:

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