Forum smoking game, "Baseball"

Discussion in 'General' started by Resin Lung, May 13, 2011.

  1. Alright, you may know the rules surrounding the smoking game "baseball", well lets give it a go on the forums.

    How we'll do it is, post the strain of bud you are currently smoking, giving it a rating. Once you post, start to inhale soon after, take a gigantic snap. As soon as another person posts after you, you can exhale. Now, I understand it may get inactive, which would make this impossible. So, i'll continuely post if it gets that way, but, I encourage others post reoccuringly, so others get a chance to go. We'll keep this going in real-time, play by the rules!
  2. Strain: Golden Skush
    Rating: 8.9

    I'm about to take the epic snap now.
  3. *holding breath while waiting for someone else to post*


  4. *Almost died from oxygen restriction * OH GOD, lol I tried to hold it, let go, you are free to exhale.
  5. refer to your user name.
  6. sounds dumb as fuck
  7. This not for the internet.
  8. I don't think this will go smoothly.
  9. i think he died of oxygen deprivation :eek:
  10. *Wakes up* Huh?! Woah! I wonder how many people would eventually go into a weed coma playing this.
  11. No one, they would have common sense. It's the internet, we're not going to do a marathon sesh while waiting for someone to post in a thread, in this big forum, in a vast internet society.

    That is, That is just cruel, man. Might as-well fap while being hung :eek:

  12. Bahahahah
  13. People can stay submerged underwater for near 40 minutes, on one breathe of air. Of course, they're trained.
  14. shit i cud play this game.. i cud hold in a hit for about 1min 30 secs.. let me test...
  15. bammm son... 1 min 30 going strong.. jk... blowing it out at 1 min 45secs...

    well i failed at this game cuz no1 posted..
  16. Are these people you speak of dead?

  17. Seriously? Or nah.
  18. Nah, they're some legit underwater divers,

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