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fort collins

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by reggiesc44, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hey my name is reggie and i will be moving to fort collins the first week of may. I have borken my back twice and have severe pain from that at times and also have a history of on and off anxiety attacks. Ive been smoking bud for the last 4 years and it seems like its the only thing that keeps my mind off the pain. Anyone from around there that has any helpful tips are would like to smoke sometime, let me know. I was also wondering how easy it is to get a med. marijuana card? I know in south carolina where im from that its damn near impossible to even get pain meds. All of the help i could get would be greatly appreciated
  2. Yo how did you break your back twice? :confused:

    And my prescription for any pain is WEED AND LOTS OF IT!
  3. FORT COLLINS!!! I've been livin' here for 15 years... love this place. It's relatively easy to get a med card, I know two guys who have it. There's one guy in here who lives 20 min. from FoCo who has some. You can legally possess an ounce and grow 6 plants. It doesn't matter if you're a med patient or not for possession because you get the same penalty for possessing under an ounce as you do for litering! Max. 100 USD fine... it's a petty offense. Doesn't go on your record or anything...

    I hope you already have a hook-up here although it shouldn't be TOO hard to get. Most dealers here are really chill (the good ones) and will hook you up fat if you're a med patient because they're friendly stoners like that.

    I don't know of any compassion clubs IN FoCo though but you can grow your own and get really good stuff her all the time anyways. PM me if you wanna know more about FoCo.

    Good Luck!

    (I'm sure I'll see you around downtown sometime, FoCo ain't not metropolis.)
  4. yo, ill be movin to fort collins may 1st. Anyone around there wanna show me a good time when i get there?
  5. Do you mean Fort Collins, Colorado?
  6. yeah it hard as hell to get a card in S.C. its not even really legal to use medicinal cannabis in south carolina yet, and oh yeah i live in SC too.
  7. One more Fort Collins user.:wave:
  8. Yeah... I just got back from an insane one week backpacking trip in the Rockies so yeah... if you appreciate that. You'll be in heaven here... along with some of the greatest bud in the world.

    See you soon man... hope you're holdin' out alright without your MMJ.
  9. yeah man im doing my best. best buds we can get here in myrtle beach are beasters for 50 an 8th! Fuck that shit, im getting brick weed that is 30 a quarter that is some super dank schwag, right off the brick. Gets me just as high as the beasters. Just cant wait to get to colorado so i can puff puff on some headies

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