Former HuffPo Obama zombie makes sound case for a Ron Paul presidency

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kylesa, May 15, 2011.

  1. Robin Koerner: Ron Paul and the Love Revolution of 2012

  2. even the sheep are starting to notice!!!
  3. I wouldn't count on it just yet. The only way that the vast majority of sheeple are going to wake up is if they lose their homes to bankruptcy, are jobless, and can't afford to fill their gas tank. All of these things are happening much more often, but its going to be a while until enough people wake up
  4. when will society wake the f on up?

  5. right after the cell door clangs shut
  6. if my buddy ron gets elected,becomes president, the powers to be will sit him and down and tell him how things run around there.

    1) Ron complies, like the other presidents
    2) Ron doesn't comply, and gets killed
    3) Ron doesn't comply, and well see what happens dot dot dot
  7. But "He's no leader and he's a wierdo" :confused_2:
  8. yeah.. i wonder how he'd fit in at his first bilderberg meeting..
  9. The unfortunate thing is that sheep never wake up. They will always be spoon fed the answers by someone... We can only hope that that someone is Ron Paul and that the dish being spoon fed is freedom with a side of individual liberty.
  10. Good article. Good luck converting those other "HuffPo Obama zombie" though...
  11. Calling people sheep is just a more subtle way of announcing to the world that you're a pretentious douchebag who thinks he's better than everyone else.

    ...sorry, I'm a little cranky. Nice article though.
  12. When the majority is full of idiots, I think the rest of us are bound to get a little upset. Not trying to say calling people sheep is going to garner a lot of support, but I can think of a few people that I would consider "sheep."
  13. Some people just refuse to question authority. They refuse to question a lot of things. These people are considered sheep because of the ease of which they can be 'herded'. Is it a derogatory term? Yea... Does that mean it isn't true? No.

    And in all honesty I'm a sheep. I've been played before. I've been taken advantage of. We are all sheep at some level, but the intensity of 'sheep-ness' varies.

    All I was really trying to say is that people follow the status quo. It doesn't matter if the status quo is believing the government or if it is not paying taxes, people cling to one another in this sense.
  14. I see where you guys are coming from, but it's just something that has always really rubbed me the wrong way.
  15. I understand why it rubs you the wrong way, too. I just know that through out my life and through my experiences what peer pressure does to people. I have read and seen movies, television, etc. about the past which seems to indicate the same kind of behavior. People are easily manipulated and fall prey to the corruption of whatever governing body, be it a church, a cult, a nation, a state, or an employer...

  16. yeah...its limbic system stuff. in there right along side religion and superstition and racism. tough to break the programing.

  17. Don't talk about their religious leader like that...they still have faith, and are hopeful for some change.

  18. A 2012 bump.

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