Forget about the Gulf, Obama is stealing land

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    Signs Point to Administration Plan to Lock Up 13M Acres of Federal Land

    Fox News

    Why the Secrecy from the most transparent administration in American history :confused:

    13 million acres... is about 20,000 something square miles... almost the size of West "by God" Virginia.

    Why the hell do we have to rely on "leaked partial documents" to get this information?

    For all we know, this could only be 1/10th of the land grab that the Obama Administration is planning. Is this collateral for all the money we are borrowing? New land for FEMA camps? or better yet for Implementing Agenda 21?

    It seems the Obama Administration is not letting this crisis in the gulf go to waste. Let the people be worried about the water while they are stealing the land.

    /End my Chicken Rant :mad:

    [ame=]YouTube - Rehberg Blasts Misuse of Antiquities Act[/ame]
  2. I saw FEMA camps and immediately disregarded any serious response I was thinking about making to this thread.
  3. why? I'm not saying they exist, but it certainly a possibilty

    and the way things are heading in this country, the government buy acres of land is very suspicious

    I'm not a conservative who bashes Obama, I'm a liberal.

    but yeah the article is also from fox news, so i can't really take this seriously until msnbc or cnn come out with it too.
  4. This post is everything wrong with politics.
  5. Yeah, It is pretty wrong that we have to rely on leaked documents to get info about how the Feds are locking up 13 million acres.
  6. I can't believe some of you are not taking his post seriously. Do you think the government snatching up land is fair?
  7. Anyways, here is the leaked the document

  8. All I can see here is: "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


    The FEMA camps he is talking about actually exist. A simple google search could have revealed this to you, but you obviously have no desire to know the truth.
  9. In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya...

    "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    Seriously, this Administration is about as transparent as the steel-reinforced concrete walls that they all work behind. Besides, this is the Government we're talking about. Regardless of which party is in charge, what makes you think that any illusion of transparency also happens to include truth?

  10. I never denied the existence of FEMA camps.
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    yah right, just continue to walk with your eyes close, not asking why the government is snatching up acres of land, when the country is in bad and severe shape... :rolleyes:

    Btw, i am majoring in Political Science, are you? I got more cred then you will ever have.

    Political Science is about knowing the law, and asking questions when something suspicious happens like this. So why is my post wrong with politics?

  12. because mounty provided a fox article as a source, which prompted you to say it's bullshit until msnbc or cnn comes out with the same story.

  13. Fox news is known to be biased, and wrong with a lot of their stories, who often try to show Obama or Democrats in bad light.

    and if you don't think so, then your most stupid then i thought

  14. problem with your type is you never bother to think outside the box, you will only be as smart as what you're presented with.

    fema camps, exist. what do you think the internment camps for japanese americans were?

    you think cnn and msnbc aren't biased? they don't work for the people, they work for their ceo's, then those ceo's work for views and pushing their own political agendas.

  15. Woah...woah, it seems that you think i disagree with your statements, and i don't. Yes i do agree your statement about the new stations and how they're controlled by the corporations. It it is a known fact.

    I just rather have a couple of other biased new stations to confirm the article. there are numerous articles and shows on the FOX news that are flat out wrong, and they do have much more, HUGE bias toward one side of the party, when the other new stations don't often show it.

    But yes i believe that concentrations camps exist, i also believe the government let 9/11 happen, and or the government planted bombs in the buildings , or PROBALLY BOTH just to make sure the bulding would collapse, I have a open mind about alot of things, so don't but me into the "sheep, blind, group.
  16. Land should be publicly owned anyway. Private property leads to exploitation. I am all for this.
  17. Basic economics disagrees with you.
  18. How is it possible for the Government to steal land it already owns?

    Oh wait. It's from Fox.

    I get it now.
  19. To me this taking land for Government use is Obama's failed plan to create jobs

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