forest fires

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by sbateman, May 15, 2011.

  1. holy shit.. kinda panicking. i live in northern alberta and at the moment there are 3 forest fires surrounding the town.. scary shit. dunno if this is interesting to you guys i just gotta freak out a little
  2. ive seen a plethora of forest fires in my area. its nothing to be concerned about unless you live near the forests that is.
  3. fuck... yeah, it was close. jumped the highway real fucking fast. 50% of my home town is fucking gone :( burnt to a crisp.
    i stepped outside and saw flames at the end of my street! :( i'm hoping i have something to go back to.
    at least 1000 homes destroyed.. 1000 families without a home.. fuck
  4. this isnt fucking funny.
  5. and people here are freaking out over a silly flood.

    i just saw a video on cbc and its all fire and a wall of smoke out there.
  6. yup.. its terrible. i dont know how our little town is gonna come back from this..
    no injuries tho! fucking miracle.
  7. We got some wild fires a little north of me. Weve had a bad drought this season
  8. Hopefully you're safe and your home is alright. I can't even imagine.
  9. thanks for the well wishes, im safe. my house was spared, im extremely lucky. a street over there is nothing left.. foundations of houses and thats it.. fuck still cant believe this
  10. Damn. I'm sorry for your communities loss man. I send all my good vibes your way and hope that your town can rebuild.

    Glad you're safe though and that you still have a home.
  11. I saw the pics from Slave Lake, just unreal. :eek:
  12. cant believe it! but we're a strong community, it'll be hard to rebuild but we will

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