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  1. Henry Ford. making cars for a buck? or for the people? of course as a boy I was in awe over cars and the way they worked , the style and ability they had of opening the world for you to explore and communicate with anyone and the way its a common ground for people of different views. It started when I was younger learning how to drive, my parents owned a chevy van. Long story short problems always occured to it after its optimal stage of functioning. my family also owned a ford, i always appreciated its ability to keep getting me from one place to another without having a 2 hour wait for it to be functioning properly again. Ive researched ford a little bit, why did fords get the job done? Well Henry Fords idea was build a sound product that benefited human nature from all angles. Haven't got you hooked yet? Well henry ford also originally designed the cars to run from cooking oils and hemp oils(he also made a car from hemp and grew cannabis on his estate). Henry also refused the business or association with someone who was just interested in making people pay more for less in the best interest for themselves and "the company" .(hence his poor relationship with his son Edsel) but Henry Ford would always argue that the best interest in everyone and the company, is to have the best interest in all beings. Henry Ford was always criticized, and most of the bigger business, wall street, investors, and the sorts always tried their best to destroy his philosophy, with rumors and framing.
  2. . His passion for cars and humanity and his philosophy were so strong that the scandals pinned against him were always too contradicted to be the case. A big one being that he was a Nazi sympathetic. But in the case, people just didnt understand his main point that was twisted by other people. He had many friends that were jewish and thousands of employees that were jewish and was always for the rights of human beings. He respected everyones rights to religion and was against the war and wanted to talk to the enemies to come to an understanding. But the point he was making that, the main sources of wrong in the world is greed and the high power government puppets. which happen to lead to people that claimed to be "jewish"(not real jews, but the poor souls that were raised in greed and were forced in "money = happiness" even at the sacrifice of anothers opportunity or even life) Henry was raised on the emphasis by his father that understanding history is important in making right choices, this seems to reflect well. as you know you were always told history was important, then it finally clicked why it is. that the bad parts of history always repeat themselves if not understood when it took place. This all seems to link to making the extra buck. As you know cannabis and the sorts are illegal in the US. History shows that cannabis is THE most useful plant in all of humanity, can be made(more environmently friendly) into paper and oils(mans most consumed things) also shelter , medicine, and food know the works. I personally consider cannabis as a holy sacrament, reading the revalation, i interpret the "tree of life “ ,that is to “heal all nations” to be cannabis/hemp plants. Also if you look at history, its interesting that DuPont(owned by one of the richest) had a doing with making cannabis and hemp illegal , due to the fact that it could virtually put dupont out of business if it were totally legal. And that DuPont and General Motors were in great business together, and wanted ford over with.. And it put Fords plan to develop a hemp oil system to diminish, hence dependence on petroleum which was originally used because it was cheaper (only to the top man).
  3. I also ponder that in geography , petroleum oils extracted from the ground, takes up a nice chunk of an earths layer from the molten hot core. That should act as insulation, maybe?. Maybe a contribution to the global warming theory? Switching a big chunk of earths layer into a gas, maybe not a great idea. Just to save a buck, I mean, the rich mans buck. Hemp and other oils may not produce more horsepower or better mileage, that should not be an excuse anyway. But Utilizing hemp oils and paper would conserve major trees, equalize any sort of carbon buildup with the more agriculture. Just a whole mess of connect the dots, don’t you think? Again and Again if you look at history, Henry Fords explanation of the corruption had been twisted in the ford paper written by Christian extremist/racist empoylees, that was under Ford motor co. Hitler had read these papers and interpreted into an extremist point of view(Obviously). Also tried to mimic ford (hence Volkswagen). I will spare you and I of anymore reading(im not even gonna proof read yet) but I would like your input and would like to clarify anything that may be misunderstood.
  4. You are one interesting fellow..

    Am I the only one who actually read this shit?!
  5. hah thanks, funny thing is i could've had more to put ,but i decided to smoke a bowl and let it go there heh

  6. Thats what I was thinking. The is one of the most interesting and bizarre threads i've seen in a while. A good read, but paragraphs would have been nice. :p
  7. people can have a model T in any color they want, as long as that color is black.
    - Henry Ford

    that may not be an EXACT quote, but it's damn close if it isn't.
  8. Ford - at least they circled the problem.

    Did you know that 98% of fords ever built are still on the road today?

    the other 2% made it home.
  9. Ford practically invented the modern runway assembly system which is terrible for the workers. Its repetitive nature is inhumane and damaging to the worker. It also reduces the worker to a robot. Before ford people could say "I build cars", after ford people could only say "I put the left door panel on cars". I dont know ford personally so I wont comment on his character, but I will say that he set forth an assembly line system that devalues the working man.

    Sorry to break your balls but I just read an article on the philosophy of the modern factory so I felt I had to point this out.

  10. This is true, his idea of the assembly line was purely an engineering effeciency to give people more cars in less wait time. His managers for the assembly line were brutal to the employees untill complaints went directly to henry ford and he saw for himself what the assembly lines were doing to the assemblers, he then raised the wages to 5dollars a day for 8hour days(it use to be $2.50 a day for 10hours aday) , he was the first with the standard 8hours day still used today. with this an overwhelming amount of people wanted to work there, causing a mini riot. and some discouragement agaisnt the company. but bottom line ford reconized the flaws to assembly lines and was very sympethic to his employees, even up till now ford has been very generous to its employees
    edit: a majority of the assembly lines still use 10hour days and were just as brutal as always, because the owners saw great numbers from this and the workers had no choice but to keep employed by them, since most of the businesses thought fords 8hour day shift was too costly for the company
  11. Hahaha, Word.
  12. Thats a good one. I drive a ford, but alow me to tell you that my ferd ( yes my ferd as I call it) Has an out of control 300,000 miles on it (bronco). Ford mudder fudding tuff!

    So Stoned

  13. awesome, keep it going.
    Im not a big fan of the director?(cant remember his position) of production placed for ford. pretty much who makes the last call i suppose. hes more of a business man, than a car guy. although i realize business side is important but the designers of the 2005+ mustangs had to fight tooth and nail with him to keep all their ideas and not cut back on the quality to make it cheaper. they emphasized fords stern belief on not sacraficing quality for the extra dollar. I am a fan of AMC's(american motors) engineering style. they pretty much were an economy only company with high efficient, light weight cars for good gas mileage. during the muscle car era. they developed some very well engineered machines. AMX and Javelin. Although not real known. javelin won multiple championship in a row. yet i still see only Pacer and Gremlins being acknowledged, mainly because GM and chrysler loved the notion of them being the "clown" of cars. AMC made very strong engines that were with forged internals and are virtually as strong as an engine can be made. and had used parts from ford and design cues from chevrolet. mainly due to mark donohue who was a driver that switched from chevy to amc and used pretty much made a mutt of all great designed parts. AMC also developed Jeep and Hummer. Which GM takes most of the credit for the hummer of course. all in all chrysler bought out amc. but i still got my 71 javelin. best year ever

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