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Forced to socialize

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dmjb69, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. When i started smoking weed i met alot of cool friends and had the best time of my life, i would always hang out with friends and we can just smoke a blunt and just chill without talking, we would play games and make comments about the games and shit like that, now i realize alot of people like to talk alot about a specific topic and its fuckin annoying, like they have a freaking debate about it. Is it that once people become older they just love to talk.

    You know what I mean?
  2. Ya, except talking and debating's chill in my book. Met and befriended allot of people over weed. We chill and just talk about stuff. We usually don't debate though when we are high, that's till were sober. [unless if it's about how stupid you are]
  3. I can't be friends with someone that I can't hold a solid conversation with. I love talking and debating over things, getting out and going on an adventure. I hate just sitting around being high.
  4. i do have bad social skills and dont make connections with people that well, usually cuz dont like do debate because i think when we debate we fight, and i dont want a debate to end a friendship, si i guess the problem is me and i need to change the way i think.
  5. i feel ya man im a pretty quiet kid too (especially when im high) and it does seem like some people are a little weirded out by silence. idk personally i only like to talk when i have something useful to say. but theres definitely nothing wrong with just chilling and thinking or listening to music.
  6. i am pretty quiet when im high not bc im to stoned to talk or anything but bc i would just rather be quiet sometimes. Alot of my friends think im weird bc i dont talk alot but im glad some of yall feel the same way as i do
  7. Other way around for me. I'm sometimes pretty quiet when I'm sober, just because the quiet feels nice. But when I smoke, I always enjoy just talking with people. Usually we'll put on a movie or some music in the background, but being so relaxed and just talking about whatever is awesome. I've always thought smoking weed is one of the better ways to bond with someone.
  8. It really depends on who i'm around when it comes to socializing. There are times when i'm pretty silent... This is usually when im not in the mood to talk or when I can't stand the topic of conversation, or even when I have nothing to add in. And there are also times when I ramble on with story telling or my opinion on something... But it mainly just comes down to who i'm around and the chemistry between us.
  9. yea i know what everyones talking bout here. nothing wrong with being quiet when your high. some people like to just think about a lot of stuff when they're high. i know i do. makes you see everything in a different perspective.
  10. But I remember when i had a couple friends when we would just chill in my car roll up blunt and smoke, not say anything at all just listen to music, and we would feel comfortable not having to say a word. Its like it was a different vibe.
  11. I havent had a group of friends like that in awhile now :(
  12. I remember when I was young (around 16) and when I would smoke with women and listen to their conversation it sounded completely fucked sometimes. Like didn't make any sense at all.

    Now even at 24 it confuses me sober :confused:
  13. ^thats because women talking can be absolutely rediculouse sometimes, seriously the way they think is so different that when stoned its just flat out alien to us, and then one bitch has to come in and make a comment that has something to add, but she then she totally changes the fucking topic out of nowhere for no reason and acts like she had no clue

    ive thought about this many many times high, and it is a complete mind fuck to me, i just dont understand them sometimes

    hahahahaa /rant

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