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Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by Vicious, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Even with "stay logged in" or whatever option selected I am forced to re-log in, sometimes just from switching thread to thread or sub-forum to forum. I don't know if it's a cookie issue or what but it's only happening to me on this site and only since the update. It's very discouraging and tedious to post because of it.

    Otherwise I like the changes. Things are smooth, less rounded off which was my major complaint with the previous format. It looked very "appish". This feels much more forumy again. Once everything is ironed out I'm sure it will be great. Still not a fan of "likes" but that's par the cour nowadays. Will post counts be coming back? Will there be other color schemes, preferably a dark one on light text so it's not like looking into a light bulb. I adore that edits don't look so bold and invasive anymore however how do you edit the title now? Also great that we can close out stickies to minimize room, Good job overall guys. I really look forward to this being optimized to a final version. Please for the love of God stay with this one.

    Since this is the only place I'll probably get an admin's attention. Is there any chance I can get old school? I've been here a decade now and I see people newer than me with it.

    Edit: Found how to edit the title, it's under Thread Tools above the post, no longer in edit changes.
  2. the log out is a known bug there is a thread with a work around Tip with Login-Logout Issues if you expand the little arrow under your name, messages are now your post count im pretty sure
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