Force budding?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by crazypbingman, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. wondering if i need to force my plants to start budding, i planted them outdoors in early may-mid may and now its been 3 months...almost 4 and they havent started budding. im just worried that they will bud late and then by then it will be too cold. also, if they do need to be forced to bud then how should i do that?

    Btw this is my first time growing and ive been gone for the past month out of state so they havent been watered regularly so some leafs from the bottom going up shriveled up and died but the top halfs look pretty healthy.
  2. you can force flowering by putting your plants on a 12/12 cycle (12 hrs light, 12 hrs dark). you can either move them into a dark place if they are in pots, or you can put double layer black trash begs over them at night time for example 8pm and take them off around 8 am the next morning. if you act fast and do this for 2 weeks and you should still get a decent yield.

    good luck =)

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