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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IGotTheCottons, May 9, 2002.

  1. here's kind of a funny story. some friends and i were smoking a blunt... it burns down and when it finally gets pretty small (but still burning) someone drops it and it goes out. so i go to relight it and someone handed me a rigged lighter. the flame must have been like 15 inches tall... burned off a good chunk of my left eyebrow and about half of the eyelash was gone too.

    lol, hope you got a laugh outta this... i sure as hell do

    blaze on!
  2. lol my friend sez he does this to his friends....luckily i usually use my own lighter ;D
  3. lol, you got hosed.
  4. Howdya rig a lighter then?
  5. were im at we call it cracking (hence 'crack-lighters')
    u pop off the metal guard and turn the flame adjuster way up

    need further explanation i can draw summin...
  6. it's really simple. When you take off the metal cover of an adjustable light you can see that the flame adjuster is like a gear, and the little knob has teeth on the inside to grip the gear and turn it up and down. If you push it all the way to the right the gas will go up a little bit. Then lift the handle thing so it comes up off the gear wheel, pull it back to the left, push it down, and then turn it right again. This bring the gas up to another 'level.' Continue to do this and you can end up using all of the lighter fluid in one 5-second light.
  7. holy shit your the man! im gonna do that!
  8. yeah if there's a new guy in our group we always give him a free bowl or tell him to light up and give him an already rigged lighter lol
  9. lol. that's cool... my friend and i have a thing... if anyone smokes with us, and they take green hit, they have to pull it as hard as they can... it's great to watch 'em choke... especially when we get dank, LOL :)
  10. lucky for me.... i never uise my own lighter...but ALWAYS test lighers....been seen that shit done to ppl before...abnd thantk god leanred from their mistakes...

    oother that or i get others to light up for me....too much hastle.... i smoke to get stoned...not to light shit up...
  11. hay you guys sound mean but me and some of my frainds made aflint boom and when you strike them thay blow up and thary was akid allways asking for alite and we gave him aflint boom and he was hurting for awhile needs to say he neaver asked for alight agin

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