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  1. Pritty coo game, its basicly the same as DND just an online version.

    pick ur race/class, Fight this, kill that, get experiance, get stronger, fight other ppl online, that such.

    EDIT : DND = Dungeons and Dragons for those who dunna know :p
  2. I used to play AD&D (that's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for the uninitiated) and I played online MUDs for a while, but have gotten out of the rpg thing recently.
  3. thanks dude, this looks wicked! especially since all my friend that i used to play with have spread across the world...fuckers...just kidding ;)
  4. coo, my name on there is Tha_Shadow_Knight , feel free to chat, you gotta be lvl 10 to chat though :p

  5. I was into MUDs for a while too. Mostly free, but a couple pay-to-play. I'm slowly getting back into the whole game thing. It's easy to get bored.

    What MUDs have you been on? Maybe you were one of the couple hundred to PK me.
  6. MUDs eh, I play a few others, such as Planetarion and empirequest.
  7. My fav was Materia Magica. Most people have never heard of it, but it's one of the few that puts a small compass up showing which directions you can go instead of just listing them. It made it really easy to run around the cities when you could see what directions you can go just by looking at which parts of the compass are lit up. I had a character there named InferiorWang, but they deleted it because they didn't like the name. Iwas at like level 64. It took me a long time to get there, too. I started again with another character named Arabesque and got to the 30s, but got bored with simply trying to get back to where I was before.
  8. Hey... I'm not the only geek here that plays text games, huh..
    I've heard of Materia Magica, but I've never bothered to look at it. I saw an ad for it on
    I have been playing a pay to play game for about 6-7 years. I don't play anymore but I keep my account open just cause I've had it for sooo long. It's called Gemstone 3.
    Lately ever since I started playing halflife mods, I can't bring myself to pay attention to text based games long enough to get into them. Groundzero mud is great when people actually play, cause it's all about PK and it's all modern weapons. Lots of em. And modern gear.
    But other than that.. I used to play godwars games. I have been looking for a good RPG though. Can't find one worth devoting time to.
  9. Still playin moonlighthigh?

    Cause I need some stoners to talk to on ;)

  10. Yeah, I've heard of it. Anyone who browses around has. :)

    I'm surprised they just didn't change your name. It was kind of rude to just delete it because of that.

  11. Gemstone 3, ever tried Dragon Realms or Modus Operandi? Those are probably my favorite text based games. Simutronics makes good games, but they're expensive.

    Yeah, guess you're not the only geek, I was thinking the same thing about myself. :D
  12. I did the lil free trial of Dragon Realms and couldn't get into it. Couldn't get into Modus either.
  13. rpg's bore me to death, boardgame, online or offline. text or graphics. doesn't matter. they're just soooo, uhm, uninteresting. if i want a good story, i read a book or watch a flick.

    i played a few adventures on the speccie in ancient times. got through eye of the beholder series on amiga and did some mud'ing on unix (university 'puters). and just grew incredibly bored with the whole genre.

    action, sim or strategy. yay.

    current playlist:

    battlefield1942 (fps action)
    il2 sturmovik (realistic flightsim)
    combat mission 2 (ww2 realistic strategy, turnbased)
    mafia (action fps/driving adventure)
    medal of honor (action fps)
    emperor of dune (strategy, realtime)

    played to death:

    thps 2-3-4
    gta III
    hitman 2
    soldier of fortune
    delta force 2
    age of mythology / empires
    operation flashpoint

  14. lol, yeah, i still play, but i make characters at practically every game, so i don't have any level 10s. sorry dude, i guess that means i can't talk to you ;)
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  16. i'm hooked. damn, as if i dont have enough destractions from doing stuff as it is right now. not to mention i procrastinate tons... only when it comes to teh crap i dont like though, i still find time for the artwork despite the destractions.

    but i can see this is gonna be another major destraction for me.

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