For those who have quit the cannabis..

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  1. What has life been like for y'all sinse y'all stopped? Life get better? Life get worse? The Percs the bad sides? The key life differences?
  2. Back in the past, I've gone months without...never happens in this decade or for most of the last...but other than WANT ING, nothing else different.
  3. What is the opposite of "Preaching to the choir?"
    Few folks who quit hang out at Grass City. 
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    quit "the" cannabis...lolll you speak "the english" well.
  5. I feel like my life improves overall but I get bored a lot more often. I'll probably quit for real when I'm older and have a life
  6. My buddy comes over about once a week. He's become a huge stoner in the time that I've known him, so he smokes all the time. I'll smoke with him once every month or two, but I stopped for the most part in the last year or so. Life hasn't really changed that much.
  7. I've quit, due to lack of availability or personal reasons for anywhere from a few months to a couple years a few times..

    You crave it, have a few sleepless nights at first, and you may be slightly bored and irritable for about a week.

    Quality of sleep slightly improves, you start having vivid dreams again, and (depending how much you previously smoked) your mind may be less foggy. Oh, and if you don't grow, you save lots of cash too.
  8. The best part is being clear headed it feels really refreshing. I've been sober for a week and I still want to smoke but I know if I do go and pick up I'll feel really guilty and not even be able to enjoy it.
  9. I've been clean for a little over a month, had to quit because I am in school for my associates for pharmaceutical and they drug test offen and random also trying to get a job at a pharmacy, my best friends still smoke heavy, at first I would get headaches when the smoked around me but now I don't, nothing has changed tho other then when they smoke I drink so I have became a bit of a drinker. We have talked about moving to a state that it is legal therefore we can all smoke again.
  10. That's my nikka. :)
  11. I miss it when I quit.

    Then again I was never an addict, constantly in a fog. I've always been a weekend smoker who fully appreciated the experience because most of the time I was sober.
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    I've quit off and on for years at a time for various reasons. Pretty much the same with or without for me.

    I usually just smoke and relax a few days a week anyway. Play games, watch movies, listen to music. So it's not like my life revolved around cannabis.
  13. Life's just a lot more boring.

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  14. I feel like my "wittiness" is coming back. When I smoke daily, my brain gets all foggy and I avoid conversations with people because I'm too "in my head."

    Haven't smoked for about two months.


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