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For those to whom it might pertain, your hiding spots...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Skrimpbootch, May 23, 2010.

  1. For your stash, and pieces, there are some creative ones out there. If I have under a gram I fancy putting it in the sub woofer of a bose speaker in my room. I know this may not apply to many people who are out on their own, but I live with my parents until August. So... go for it :D
  2. suitcase in the closet.
    Its where I store my everything..
    Buddha, Bong, Pipes..
  3. Alright heres the best stash spot you could have if you're still living with your parents. You can only stash herb lighters, or zigzags though, no pipes,

    1. Buy a deodorant stick
    2. Unscrew the stick off
    3. Stuff your herb bag inside the deodorant
    4. Screw the stick back on
    5. Stash the deodorant
  4. safes are the best. Although I couldnt store a big bong or anything in mine, I can put my pipe(hopefully getting some more glass soon) and my bud.
  5. Not for pieces, but for a smallish stash of bud, i always use the box my watch came in. 2 pieces that slide together, very sneaky :smoking:
  6. i live on my own now, but when i lived with my parents i was always mixing it up with hiding spots cuz my mom is nosey and busted me more than once. worst thing was when i knew i had put something in a 'new' hiding spot but couldnt remember where the spot was.
    ones i remember using are: pencil cases on my desk, inside shoes in my closet, in pockets of pants in my dresser, in pockets of shirts/coats in my closet, hidden behind shit on top shelf
    i was really a fan of the pockets haha they never got my weed found and thrown in the trash
  7. Social Studies text book from my junior year of high school haha. Took me like 2 hours to cut out the pages, I can fit my pipe, lighters, weed, and rolling papers. It works perfect lol
  8. Can of jock itch spray with removable bottom. No one in their right mind (except for those of my friends in the know) would want to touch that.
  9. lol I keep changing my spot. but always go back to my little safe that's in my closet. the new one is a lip under my desk and I throw stuff up there. or ontop of the cabnits in my bathroom. favorite one is the best for traveling. it's in an 'axe can safe' google it it's the best!!
  10. I love this method, there's no way parents are going to go into your dresser and check in the pockets of clean pants.
  11. little mini digisafe is big enough for all of last years harvest (~9-10oz was my cut) easily. I know my bong wouldn't fit but everything else I need to stash fits snugly. Plus having an 8 digit security combination I feel more at ease when I'm away from da stash :D.
  12. Good spots, still it's sketch being away from your room. A buddy of mine pulled up his carpet over a broken floor board and stashes everything there. It's marvelous. Sometimes I will hide pieces in my backyard if I for whatever reason feel the need.
  13. Depending on how much bud I have I can get away with putting it behind this hanging picture in my room. Sort of smells though

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