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for those that say it helps depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dulcetcalamity, May 8, 2006.

  1. ao i think i suffer from depression and i wonder how it helps. does it help u guys just when your high on it or what? or it just stops depression for longer or what exactly do you mean?
  2. i was kinda like you a while ago... not only does it make you feel great physically but also it affects you mentally, in a good way. when you're high you think differently and appreciate things more, it helped me when I was in a slump. have you toked before? if you havent then smoke it at least 5 times before you consider making it your new hobby. it doesnt hurt to try does it?
  3. I have depression and anxiety disorder, and I find that weed does help my anxiety most of the time. I also take an SSRI though, and I feel like weed does not make my condition worse (I smoke between 3-8 times a day on average for the past 8 mo.)

    --although some think it can bring out psychosis or schizophrenia to those at risk...
  4. You know, I'm not trying to talk down on weed or anything, but isn't good for depression. You have to look at the facts..these facts aren't being made up by AboveTheInfluence, or whatever anti pot angency is running things now a days, These are facts that come from non biased scientists.

    I mean, of course it makes you feel good when you're high...but when you come down you're going to feel just like you did before, just like any other mind altering substance. From what I have read, It doesnt really make depression worse in the shortterm, but it doesnt make it better either.

    It is proven that over long term usage it causes some very minor depression, especially in younger smokers whose brains arent developed, however its not as severe as the anti pot people make it out to be, it is in fact pretty minor. Look it up for yourself there is tons of research out there.

    But you can say what you want: "NO WAY! Pot makes me feel great!" but next time someone starts saying how bad it is and you whip out you're "Pot kills 0 People a year, and it's not physically addicting..." and yada yada, remember all these facts are coming from the same place.
  5. Man, I have a bad case of Social Anxiety Disorder, as well as General Anxiety Disorder. Like, really bad. And Marijuana helps that shit better then anything I've ever been prescribed.

    Depression, no. I do also suffer from depression and have been on drugs for those (which I stopped, depression drugs are a no go for me) but Marijuana does not help my depression, if anything it worsens it. When I'm high, it basically amplifies all my feelings. So if i'm depressed, I don't want that feeling amplified. I get a really sick feeling in my stomach. I just don't smoke if I'm overly depressed. But, I'm almost always depressed so that can't be help. But if it's more then normal, I just don't toke.

    But for Anxiety Disorders, Marijuana is a fucking godsend! :smoking:
  6. well ya i blaze it as a matter of fact i was high when i posted the message. and i know that when i'm high i feel good and shit but my question is what happens to you guys when your not high? do you go back to being depressed? or does it help you overall even after you've came down from being high and shit. cuz if its only when your high then thats dumb that it makes you feel better cuz so does beer and liquor so its not all taht great and shit.
  7. it also helps overall too, not just when you're high... you're more calm, not as angry as you used to be. you analyze situations differently, you get more creative... thats how i got after a few weeks of tokin.
  8. I posted an article on this site a few days ago bassically saying that weed has the same affect on the brain as paxil. It also stated that it does have medicinal uses for depression and axiety.

    Time magazine put an issue out with in the last few years stating that recent studies have shown that marijuana can be used to help with depression, everything from that article came from a study done trying to establish the medicianal uses of marijuana.

    I suffer from depression and axiety, I have used almost every anti-depressant on the market and all of them had horrible side affects that made taking the meds not worth it. The only thing that has worked for me is smoking, even my dr said that smoking pot would help with my depression and anxiety.
  9. I agree 100%, i have adhd, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. I feel that smoking affects me in a very positive way, even when im not high. Overall my outlook on life is better, i get along with others much better, and i am able to calm down alot easier and focus on the task at hand.
  10. It didn't help me when I as depressed. But "help" is so relative. Did it just magically cure it? No. Did it give me some temporary relief? Yes.
  11. In the same boat with the depression and anxiety. I take anti-depressants,
    (three of 'em), for my depression. Marijuana doesn't help or magnify or in
    any way affect my depression at all. For anxiety disorders marijuana is
    probably the best thing for most people to use for relief. Some people try it
    and start getting paranoia and panic attacks. I wouldn't reccomend it for
    those people.

    And as for the schizophrenia and psychosis claim, I suffer from a psychotic
    disorder and have had a paranoid episode in my teenage years. If marijuana
    was going to make anyone have a psychotic break, it would be me. Been
    smoking daily for a few years and I'm still not exhibiting psychotic symptoms.
    I pesonally just think schizophrenics like to smoke weed.
  12. it's my belief that if you are seriously depressed, no amount of weed will help you.

    back in february i was smoking 1/2o a week. my grandfather was just put in the hospital for hip replacement (still in rehab to this day). valentine's day is my least favorite "holiday" and causes a lot of shit for me. and it's just generally a shitty month for me.

  13. im sorry but i have to disagree, im almost at the point where i have chronic depression, my mind totally shuts down..been on at least 15 diff medicines in my lifetime. and with marijuana i can actually get up and do shit. And for alot of people it wont just make everything better, but for those with multiple sever mental illnesses, wed give anything for that "temporary relief":smoking:
  14. seeing as i have done a significant amount of research on the topic (i have been diagnosed with type II bipolar disorder as well as major depression as well as being a psych major with intentions of getting my phd) and for some people, cannabis can make a big difference.

    depression can be caused by a number of different things and different people respond differently to the wide range of drugs (tricyclics, maoi's, ssri's etc).

    i find that bud helps my conditions a lot. it levels me out and i feel a lot better even the day after i smoke. i have heard of some people freaking out and having major panic attacks, and for those people i would advise them to stay away.

    as far as bud causing a psychotic break, it just isnt possible. there has never been a documented case in the literature of pot causing any sort of psychosis.
  15. i agree, a docter told my sister that it can cause skitophrenia, so now shes always on my ass thinking she knows everything, id really like to know where these docters got there info from. altho i do agree ppl with a sever case of dilusion shouldn be smoking.
    My mother suffers from from delusions, she thinks ppl are out to kill her and such its rather sad, and after spending alot of time with me on my condition she finally agrees its best for me and shes interested in trying it. now we all know marijuana causes paranoia. im actually rather scared to see how it might effect her. i told her she should probly stay away from it. shes also not on any meds:rolleyes:
  16. its different for everyone imo. for alot of ppl just to have a little THC in youre system goes a long way and you just see everything in a whole positive way, you actually look at youre life and start to appreciate it more. now in my case i only need to smoke a little but if i do so happen to run out of marijuana everything comes back. its kinda like if medicine . if you skip a dose for whatever reason you get fucked big time.. so ive learned to make sure i always have some sort of supply or emergency stash. My advice it to you start with smaller amounts(if you havent already) and see how it effects youre mind, than just go from there, everyone is different:rolleyes:

    People say using marijuana is bad because youre using it as a "life crutch" so to speak, im occasionally getting lectured for it even tho my parents basically supply me with my own weed. its best to ignore this because what ppl dont understand is you taking regular antipsycotic/antidepressants is indeed a crutch, but for some of us we welcome that so called crutch just to feel better ..even if it is only temporary relief.
    well im done babbling, Good luck! :smoking:
  17. agree totally, except change the past tense to present. 1 thing weed deffintily does help with is appetite, i dont eat much especially on bad days, and weed takes care of that symptom quite nicely :smoke:
  18. Deppresion, anxiety, bi-polar, etc. are all caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Serotonin is the primary. When physical changes and stress happen, the brain fights back by producing serotonin. This chemical acts as a "mellow out" chemical to balance the body out. Not enough causes deppresion. Weed has a numbing effect on the brain. So it is possible that smoking pot may reduce the serotonin produced and cause more deppresion, but may inhibit the reuptake of serotonin by certain cells, much like an anti-deppresant, causing happiness. So it depends on the person or the THC level you smoke. You gotta find what works. For me only one or two tokes of really good bud gets me right. But if I were to smoke a blunt of righteous bud, I would get wasted and anxiety then mellow out. In the case of a head injury the chemical levels fluctuate, too much, too little. THC acts as a constant to regulate the flow. As tolerance is built up, chemicals remain stable and feeling mellow all the time.
  19. I think it reacts differantly on some,but in my own wold of depression it is the best med for me.

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