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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PassTheDutch, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. I know this is a little off topic....but....

    Im working on my first grow and i have one question for all you out there who have grown and smoked your own pot for the first this one of the most satisfying sessions you have ever had????
  2. probably. the taste will blow you away if youve never smoked fresh-picked bud before. smoke a bowl pack before it's totally tastes somewhat like opium. well my shit anyway.
  3. yep and one you wont forget believe me only advice is let it dry and cure you wont regret it..and read read read
  4. yep do NOT underestimate the powers of curing.. get a pack of mason jars at the grocery store and keep im in there for around a week, maybe more if you want. You can usually tell and feel when they're ready (supposing your normal dealer gives you cured buds)

    have you started your grow yet?
  5. ya i would have to agree...curing is the way to go. Way better smoke and taste!!!
  6. my plan as of now is to cure for around two weeks...of course this is with a lil sample here and there up until its ready. Yes, i already have started my grow. i have two plants right now that are about a month old. right now they are around a month old and under 120 watts of cfl's. in about 2 weeks im going to change them to a 150 watt hps. im liking them on the cfls for now because i am getting pretty short plants that are extremely dense. This way when i move them to the hps, i will raise it up a little higher than it should and get it stretchin out and begin its flowering cycle soon after.
  7. oh yeah also...i have been a member here for a pretty long time (2003...damn) and never really considered growing because of where i lived, so i would only occasionaly glance at the growing sections. Now that i moved a few months ago this option became available. i just want to thank everyone on this forum for all the grow guides, advice, and journals that helped get me to where i am now. later
  8. sounds like a good grow man....good luck....peace out............420
  9. HIGH All, good to see you hitting the Grow rooms PassTheDutch.

    Yes growing and smoking your own...nothing like it, and it's even better when your Bro's say it's the best shit in town.
  10. Excellently said UNOIT like always. Well my first outdoor grow was great headies and smoking it and hearing the bros opionions...nothing like it better!!
  11. that is one thing that i really want to do...smoke with all my friends who would of never thought that i would be growing it myself. Im gonna def smoke with all my stoner friends, but im talking about smoking out my friends who only smoke on occasion that i used to smoke with alot when we first started all together. Kind of like my original smoking group

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