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Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. i know alot of youngsters come through this site, and i was wondering, dont any of you ever worry about one of your kids finding their way here, comming to the boards to find it says "You are signed in as:------" and then reading a whole bunch of posts about how much you smoke weed??

    just a thought i had... maybe its not a problem for you guys?
  2. Not a problem for me....well, not only am I 20, but my mom knows I smoke weed. As long as I don't leave it lying around, I'm cool. Even if I do forget and leave it lying around, all she does it throw it away...and I can usually get it back.
  3. didnt mean it like that :p

    i mean if YOUR children came here and found out about how much you blazed... but you dont have kids yet do ya...

    more askin bud head and mothership and the likes i guess...
  4. I'd be embarassed if my kids saw me posting here about smoking pot, but if they were of the mind to coming to a site like this, the odds are that he'd already know I smoke pot since I wouldn't be keeping it a secret from him. My guys are only 6-3 right now, so there's plenty of time for worry later.
  5. my 2 oldest don,t use a computer and don,t live here .The 17yr $18 yr olds are to busy with girls to bother looking at what l do ,lol.......p.s. they do notice me at the city a lot and l even ask their opinion[perspective] on things that l moderate here.Oh and of coarse they know l smoke anyway.
  6. Oh, sorry AdamBC, I misunderstood.

    But no, if I had kids I don't think I would mind.
  7. Im still waiting to meet my dad on here... We'd be like.. oh wow, i have a dad that lives there, and he'd be like, and i have a son that lives ther. waaaitt a minnute... holy shit!

    haha, that'd be awesome...
  8. My kids already know about how much I smoke.. They catch me smoking all the time.. I hide nothing from them..

    I don't light up in front of them. I go down to my shop to smoke.. Thats where they catch me!!!1

    My 17 year old has is a member here.. he doesn't smoke but loves to read the city now and then.. He doesn't use my name for respect of my modship here at the city..
  9. I have discussed with both my sons the use and responsabilities that go with MJ.. I have also giving them the complete run down on the laws views.. I have asked them to wait until they are 18 before deciding to do it.. I alos stressed that if they do it they should never do it in apublic place..

    They haven't done any thing as of yet.. It will be their choice when it does happen!
  10. I'd rather have my kids blazin wit me and bein open about drug habits etc than feelin like they had to hide things from me and creep about worryin about getting caught.

    If I had any kids, that is. I don't want any either, so i guess posting here is kinda irrelevant.

    Anyways, wot else am I supposed to on a comedown apart from mongin out and smoking?
  11. i dont have any kids but id be worried about my is finding out that i smoked... it would be kinda weird.
  12. Why all the deciet and cover up? If we continue to treat pot like it's a "bad thing," it will always have the connotation of being a bad thing!

    I'd love nothing more then to be able to be open to my own parents about my use. If I thought they could handle it, I'd tell them. Honesty is refreshing, and good. Mom would probably have a heart attack if she found out though (I'm the good son).

    If I ever have kids (and please allow me to note that my official stance on ever having them is still a big fat "never!"), I would be as open as possible about it and let them make their own choices. If your kids find their way here, they're probably puffin' too, or at least curious about it.

    Do your kids know you drink alcohol? (Actually, I guess that I don't really know if you drink alcohol, but I'm going to use this as an example anyway.) If you do, do you hide it from your kids? If you're like most parents, probably not. And what do you tell your kids about alchohol? Again, if you're like most parents, the common phrases tend to be things like, "this is a 'grownup' drink." That's what I was told, and I respected that.

    What I'm trying to get at is that by not being open about smoking pot, you're demonizing it. In essence, you're saying "I feel so ashamed that I do this, that I don't want to let my kids find out, lest I set a bad example for them." But, pot isn't something bad, it's something good. So, stop treating it like it's something bad.
  13. I totally agree, man. I'm a little young for kids right now (18), but whenever I have them, and they turn 16, I'm gonna sit 'em down, and explain it all to them. With a bowl packed and ready, of course. Just in case they want some. ;-)
  14. I have always been honest and open about my tokin habit. My 18 yr. is already a GC member. My other son is still 16 and really is more interested in girls & high school football than what I am doing. This board could be a way a closing a communication gap as to my thoughts, feeling and decisions that I make in my life.
  15. i told my mother. and all she said was 'i know'. there was one point where she nicely asked me to cut back a little. so i did. she know's i still smoke everyday, and she's okay with it because she know's that she's raised me to be a responsible person. she still won't smoke it with me, but i swear that one day i'll get her high. :p

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