For those of you without the option to visit Nirvana (here's a few of my pets)

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Smokentoke420, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Thats pretty badass bro. haha where you at now?
  2. We moved back to Iowa a couple years ago, that's where I'm originally from. And yes it sucks pretty bad compared to hb.

    I remember spray painting the word AMES in huge ass letters on a retaining wall. You could see it from pch when you were entering hb from the south. I wonder if its still there :devious:
  3. snakes are so beautiful

    tarantulas totally wig me out tho ahhhhhhhh

  4. Where at in Iowa? I have family out there in Ft. Dodge.

    I can desintely look and see if it's still there, but it was probably taken down. If it's there, I'll take a pic next time im in the area :D
    Yeah, tarantulas give me the creeps too. My uncle ahs some, I have NONE hahahaa

  5.!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is that a mouse in its mouth?

    oh its been deleted...its the one of the tarantual eating the rodent
  6. Im an hour south of Ft. Dodge. I have family there too..

    Hell yeah take a pic of that shit if it's still there. That would make my day. It was right before beach blvd I think..
  7. Hahaha thats pretty bad ass bro.

    Yeah for sure next time I'm down that way Ill try and find it. What color is it and is it written in block letters, bubble letters, lines, or what?
  8. It's just lines, nothing fancy. I'm no tagger by any means.. Black paint.

  9. Alright bro, Ill be on the lookout.
  10. A baby mouse yes.

  11. haha goodmornign peewok
  12. Mornin. I found a couple shots of one of my old T's. When he molted the white would be as white as paper. Looked badass. I'll have those up in a minute along with some pics of the old Beardy's i had

  13. right on, cant wait to see it
  14. was my little Beardy.

    Than a few of my big guy cooling off.



    And my Brazilian Black and White Tarantula.



  15. Nice bearded dragon bro. The tarantulas cool too, but Im more of a reptile guy haha.

    I had a pure Snow Phase bearded dragon a while back. I need to find her pics
  16. My female(the smaller one bobbing her head at the cat) was pretty light, almost snow when i got her.

    Sucked though, me and my brother put them together in the same cage hoping they would mate. Never happened.

  17. Were they both mature? and are you positive they were male and female? I bred my female snow, she had a clutch of 32 eggs, unfortunately they all died off before they could hatch do to the living condition i was forced into becuse the homeowner of the house I was buying fucked shit up so I had to live in our travel trailer when she had the eggs and the incubater couldnt keep a steady temp. :(

    They were SnowXSandFire eggs too :( both parents were pures.
  18. those lizards are fuckin dope.

  19. Damn dude that's some shit. Yeah, i took them into the local exotic pet shop and sexed them. Your Green Tree has inspired me to find a tree python. Still can't get over how amazing they are. Just expensive as hell.

    Those would have been some pretty little babies though forsure. Sad to hear they couldn't make it

  20. If your REALLY interested bro, I can see about asking my uncle if he'll sell you one of his. He's got... 3 left I think. Ones going for $2,000+ i think though. VERY expensive.

    But Im sure he can cut you a deal on one of the others. PLus he bred them so he knows all the lineage and shit. he has pics of the parents as well as all of the snakes from birth to present.

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