For those of you without the option to visit Nirvana (here's a few of my pets)

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  1. Argentina Black and White Tegu's

    Green Tree Python

    and my Baby Bearded Dragon (named Dopey after the dwarf from Snow White :smoking:)
  2. Sweet reptiles man. That python is a beaut.

  3. Thanks bro. You should see some of the other babys from the same clutch... here's one of the few we have left...

  4. How much you sell em for?

  5. They all went for $500+, but that blue one's my uncles I'm not sure how much he's sellin it for. BUt it's worth quite a bit more. :D
  6. Nice dude:D

    I always thought bearded dragons were ill.

    Geckos too, where the geccos at??
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    haha your little beardy looks like a stoner, i just recently had to get rid of my tarantulas. Unfortunetly i don't have any pictures anymore but i had a Rose hair, and small Antilles Pink toe, and a Brazilian black and white

    Edit: Found a picture of my rose hair...
  8. We have 2 Crested Geckos and 3 Gargoyle Geckos, I'll have to get pics of them at a later time. We have 5 gargoyle gecko eggs incubating, and one of them is gravid as well :)

    My uncles got about 20 tarantula's, but Im not typing up all those names or photographing all of them right now hahaha. Too much work. I'm more of a reptile guy myself.... creepy fuckin spiders.:p
  9. How are tree python's temperament? I heard they can be quite the vicious creatures striking at nearly anything that comes close. I have a ball python but hes a sweety pie and has never nipped at me once lol.
  10. Cool stuffs man. My cousin has a gecco, no clue what kind, but its pretty boring. Doesnt really climb around or anything.

    Eversince I went to FL when I was a lil tike I've always thought geccos were sweet. Just running around lightnig quick going up walls and shit. Can't they regrow their tails as a survival mechanism? Or am I thinking of a diff lizard?

    OO, and yea I totally feel you on the spider thing. I hate those fuckers:eek:
  11. They can definately be lil vicious fuckers. But your not very likely to be bit unless you trigger a feeding respeonce or it feels threatened. Still makes me nervous handling them :) But they are just so badass, and non-venomous. I've owned quite a few rattle snakes so these arent too scary :p I've never been bitten/

    Not sure if all geckos can regrow their tails, but I believe these can, yes. They are pretty badass, and they have some trippy ass eyes. Ill have to get some macros for you guys soon.
  12. Haha well that's good to hear. Could never do the venomous though, I would have panic attacks just thinking about having to clean it's cage. I have to say though having snakes is so badass and addicting. I'm currently thinking about buying a morph ball maybe a spider or high pastel. I love taking it out in front of friends and at first seeing the look of terror in their eyes but after watching me hold it they get curious and want to hold it as well haha.

    Btw your snakes look fantastic and its obvious that you know what your doing and properly care for them. Such a shame that so many people who get them don't properly research care and the they end up serious health problems which could of have been avoided with 10 minutes of reading. +rep

  13. handling venomous reptiles is definately a rush, and dangerous, but it's worth it to me. Ppost some pics up if you decide to purchase anything bro, I'd love to see it :)

    Thanks man, I definately do my research before purchasing any animals or reptiles. I have books on all the reptiles I own.
  14. this is the grossest thread ever

  15. Then get the fuck out dude. No one asked your opinion.
  16. i was jking man.
    im just no reptile lover.

  17. You dont gotta love em man. Just appriciate the fact that there at my house and not running loose in yours :p
  18. A friend of mine had a leopard gecko and his cat got at it. The gecko lost its tail. It eventually grew back but it wasn't yellow with black spots anymore, just pink. So it was kind of like a two tone gecko lol. I didn't even know they could do that so it was pretty neat.

    Anyways love the GT pythons man, that shot is great!

    Green tree pythons and emerald tree boa's are too bad ass.

  19. Thanks bro, that shot was completely accidental but I'm happy it happened :D
  20. Man that green python and bearded dragon are so badass, nice! Thanks for sharing SNT.

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