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For those of you who still live with your parents

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by It 8 Me, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Where and how do you smoke?

    I smoke in my shower where there's a small toilet room with a window and a door that opens to the shower room which has a window and a door. That probably didnt make any sense, but what I mean is, if someone is showering, the toilet room is unaccessable. I would open both windows, open the bathroom door, take my bong rip and blow it out the window. Then I would shower and because there's 2 windows, it kinda keeps the air running. And, I dont know if this is true, I have the sliding door showers, where I would occasionally open the sliding door so the steam would rush out and bring in fresh air.
  2. I smoke out the window in my room. I just point a fan at the open window and blow the smoke at the fan. Works really well.
  3. Used to do this when I wasn't allowed to smoke inside the house, works great! :D
  4. Out in nature. I'd never smoke in my house. I usually get a group of friends and head out to a forest or ditch somewhere and have a good time from there.
  5. I just blaze in my room.. half of the time with the door open. Only because my brother is older and is a fellow stoner and my parents dealt with this shit with him before me, so i basically just got a bong and i even leave it out when my mom comes in to talk to me now cause she doesnt give a shit
  6. I have this friend who's parents let him smoke in his room, so usually like 3-4 nights of the week a couple of us head over to his house and get baked. Its fuuuuuun:smoke:
  7. usually my room. sometimes the shed. thats always fun.
  8. I smoke in my room and just blow it out my window. I can open the screen part on my window also, so I can hang out the damn thing if I needed to. Basically I just spray a bunch of febreeze in the room and stick clothes around my door so it doesn't smell in the room..

    Does anyone use doob tubes? I use mine often just to be extra safe :)
  9. Where do you put the bong when you are done?
  10. I don't live with my parents anymore, but when I go visit I just go out to my car after they go to bed. I hotbox my car and just go back inside.
  11. Anywhere upstairs as long as the doors closed and my dads cool with it. Im only back at home for another month so he knows better than to give me shit as long as I do well in college.
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    I can either leave it out in the corner or something but 99% of the time it goes in my dresser cause theres like a door attached to the drawers and its like a little stash spot.. fits my 2 Ft Toro perfectly :]

    and what a useful dresser hahah


    its kinda like that one ^^ but mines way bigger and cooler covered in stickers n shit
  13. I'm in college but I do still go home. I usually smoke in my shower or in my car. If my parents/siblings aren't home then I just go outside since we have a fairly large backyard. I don't smoke in my room out the window though because my room doesn't have a lock yeeah.

    Most of the time I just smoke in the bathroom cause I have to pick up my little brother and shit so I don't like my car smelling
  14. I usually bring a change of sweater or hoodie with me. I pour out the bong water and wrap it up with the sweater/hoodie.
  15. OK.

    I could see you walking past your parents bong in hand.
  16. clambake the bedroom
  17. when i come home from college i smoke outside, there is a neighborhood park right next to my house.

    the best part is, cops are never over there. in the thee years i lived at that house, i saw maybe 3 cops drive by the park.
  18. even if you smoke in the bathroom doesnt it still stink up the house?
  19. nope turn on the fan/open the windows
    the vent doesn't really stink up the house...just like if you took a masssive shit it wouldn't go to the other rooms
  20. The steam is heavier than the smoke and it just takes it over. I did it in hotels before in a non smoking room. LMAO

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