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For those days when you got no trees

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheColonel, May 9, 2006.

  1. I should start this off by saying that this takes some preparation, but if you plan correctly, those days where your dealer is MIA can go more smoothly.

    Since i cant grow bud (basically because i dont want to commit a felony, no matter how much i wish i could) i wanted some way to still get a similar experience. I went to home depot and bought some spearmint seeds for like a buck. Germinated a few, potted them and blam.. i got some lil bushes.

    You'll need one of these grinders. GC has some for a VERY reasonable price. I usually keep my daily herb in here so its constantly gettin tossed around and depositing kif in the bottom.

    You'll need a vaporizer.

    Pinch off a few leaves.

    Tear them up

    trow it in the whip

    Add Kif


    Youll want the temp on the vaporizer to be about 15% higher than it would be if you were smoking straight tree. The spearmint doesnt turn brown like bud, but it will lose its taste and be very crunchy when its done. THe benefit is that once the spearmint is done, it just chills w/o doing anything till you've finished with the kif.

    Be sure to stir between every hit and take slow even draws.

    For those of you who dont have a vape. Do your lungs a favor and get one. You can find a reasonable one for less than $150. The newer ones come with 2-4 year warranties, so theres nothing to worry about w/ reliability.

    Vapes arent a replacement for smoking. Just a good everyday high thats easy on your lungs.

    Happy Blazin GC
  2. so .. that brown powder is keif from those trees u grew or ? is that just regular keif from bud .. what?
  3. it's bud keif.

    spearmint doesn't make keif.

    i read that keif is actually a moroccan word for a mix of 2/3 bud and 1/3 tobacco. it's apparently what they smoke there.

    what we call keif is just called resin powder.

  4. :wave:
  5. sweet i know Arabic, JK that is a cool little footnote. Good tymes, I need a vape. JOE>
  6. i fail to see what this does other than give you a little more material to smoke with your keif.

  7. exactly, the keif isnt big enough to cover the whole, it would fall right through
  8. Kif goes a buttload farther in a vaporizer than it does in a bong

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