? for the women

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Does size matter??

  1. The bigger the better

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  2. depends on how the guy uses it

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  3. I don't care about sex

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  4. Forget the penis! Give me the Budhead!!!!!!!

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  5. size doesn't matter, give me the tounge!

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  1. This is a poll to find out the truth from the women of the world!
  2. ....how many times did YOU vote there BH?

    OK men-----don\'t let women fool you------size DOES matter!! If you got a wee little one-----you should start investing you time more in uuhh......shall we say......\'lickin\' the kitty\'. Also if you have a small one you shouldn\'t expect it in return.

    HA HA HA HA HA HAAA..............seriously, now.....any guy out there who knows what he\'s doin\', doesn\'t worry about size. Unless I\'m trippin\'...uh.....there really doesn\'t even have to be....uh......penetration to get the job done.
  3. I do believe Critter is working on the polls! HAhaahahahahalol

    Stonie jo, I just wanted to see what the women here had to say. I can take care of most women with both of my valuable and skilled parts!!!

    I had a woman to tell me the other day that I was like a lesbian dinasour. LICKALOTAPUSS lol
  4. I could lie but what\'s the point, right?

    Size matters. Plain and simple.

    How you use it matters more.

    Yet, size still matters.
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm.............since Bud Head keeps bragging on his abilities.........I would choose him but thats just me. But he had better be practicing his skills so I wont be disappointed and have to get my vibrators out just to get off!!!!! LOL
  6. screw this. im going to church.

  7. You\'re a funny girl, sensi!
  8. hahahaha!!!

  9. I agree 100%. The bigger the set a boobs a women has, the better they are....

    We are talking about boobs, right??????
  10. Good try, Poppa!!!!

    ...but, NO, we aren\'t talking about boobs!!!!

  11. lmao

    you\'ve been on this thread but haven\'t spoken your peice what matters most?
  12. dasie just wants to giggle and wach
    sensi and rmjl......

  13. How he uses it???????

    I\'m confused, I thought there was only one way to use it. In/out, in/out, in/out, etc....

    I thought what was really important was HOW long he could use it for. I mean, if he can use it good but for only use it for a couple of minutes, that ain\'t worth a damn. But if he can use it for 30 to 45 minutes, (with a healthy dose of personal lubrication) that\'s MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

    Believe me, having a big \"member\" is not what everyone makes it out to be. Girls complain that it hurts or your going too deep or that its just too big, or their jaws hurt from being stretched. And forget about different positions, kinky stuff, or alternate orifices, you just can\'t park a semi-truck in a garage that was made to hold a VW bug.

  14. ..except with pornstars.
  15. did someone just say \"in out,in out\"? ? oh my....
    *im still shaking my head at you*
    you can go in out in out till the cows come home an still not get the job done......
    i have to agree with stonie jo..( i think lol )
    the truth is if, if ,if......yea i think im just gonna agree with stony.
  16. Thanks, sweets!!!
  17. Highya, I don\'t go just in and out babes. I do circles, get the ladies on top then spin them around. and much much MUCH more!!

    Poppa you know no matter what you say the women are going to disagree with ya. You have some good funny ideas though! We\'ll talk about BOOBs later!

    Sorry Sensi, I love you honey!

    RMJL and Stoniejo thanks for being honest! I love ya\'ll as well!

    Flowerchild you can throw your vibrators away if i\'m with ya!!! You\'ll be asking for time out to recover LOVER!!!! I may not be the best or biggest, but i KNOW how to please a woman!

    ZIA you sound like you know what your talking about!!!
  18. god i miss my gf.

  19. Anything I can do to help? We do have alot in common........
  20. Size doesn\'t matter until you come across an itty bitty one....then you realize it does matter....or you come across one that\'s way too big, that\'s no so good either.....

    Kinda like the 3 bears....

    gotta find one that\'s just right....
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