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  1. A recent project I did..

    [ame=]dom philly- The Light (1080p) - YouTube[/ame]

    I believe, I, I, I believe in the light
    where did I go wrong, will I go right?
    the sun shines and the moon glows
    Is life controlled by fate? well who knows

    blunts to ashes, low wage stashes
    low grade classes for low paid brackets
    uppercuts dust to dust, the government
    screamin out, who wanna fuck wit us, speak

    softly, be cautious, knee deep charges
    be free from all these theivry causes
    nautious off at the office, be free
    at times I rather be you than be me

    small problems turned conflict, reminded
    of the struggles goin on so who's gonna stop it
    earth bound hearin the worst sounds, first
    ya head in the dirt down by the church grounds, roundin

    the titled bible, waitin for arrival
    the cycle, spitefull, the fruits delightfull
    ascension, decline, how are you defined
    raised to the sky, or phased by the grind

    played by the times, clock work, keeps tickin
    losin my mind, job search keeps missin
    one mass tragedy, holdin me down
    like gravity, can't bite down like cavitys

    ya'll mad at me but im the one with the misery
    turn back the hands of time, ya'll be history
    picture me lost all ya'll be missin me
    hands crossed cuz the end of times be a mystery

    and all the gold ain't glittery cuz the trickery
    lies underneath, he just handles the delievery
    of course im bitter, thinkin bout the figures
    sippin on the liquor, remember how you bickered

    i said it didn't phase me, well i reconsider
    cuz lately I'm not the one who's thinkin bravely
    na you can't change me, it's too late for that
    yea you had your own problems but who paid for that?

    I believe, I, I, I believe in the light
    where did I go wrong, will I go right?
    the sun shines and the moon glows
    Is life controlled by fate? well who knows

    i was just a little kid, happy and healthy
    but the world turned cold and nobody helped me
    I've gone down since, the spirals boundless
    suicuide dreams, unaccounted but grounded

    i founded my peace, down in the streets
    come round with the beats dumb down with the bleeps
    some frown with the deepest desires, the weakest
    of fires, asked ya thoughts and the bleakest acquired

    what can I do with that? besides prove the fact
    that society rather bump these clueless raps
    i dont want the fame, money, or astons
    I just want the recognition, a voice for the passion

    keep the fashion i breathe these captions
    feed with rations believe these actions
    rappers talkin bout the struggle, but they lost the fight
    you wanna help these kids then a offer a bite

    they look up to you, all for a night, to be
    the man in this wicked land and you offer a pipe
    well i offer the light, a way for the man
    that doesn't have anything but hope in his hands

    open ya plans, see your fate come true
    morals and money you gotta rate one two
    for the record the code of ethics is
    not to be discarded on ya only premesis

    remember this emphasis when ya reminisce,
    you were your own worse nemesis don't benefit
    from actin selfish, an act of wealth is
    being kind to ya neighbor not stackin shelves with
    racks on racks with the black on black
    car, it aint all worth it, you got ya facts wrong

  2. Man this is awesome. But I need more bitches and ho talk. A gold chain or two, and cut all that "meaningful" stuff. It's not what sells. You shouldn't listen to music to grow as a person.

  3. haha you know it all too well..thanks for the words

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