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  1. im gonna start by saying ive never used pills to get high. but i want to tonight. i have plenty of ibuprofen and vicoden. how much should i take, whats it like? and is it worth it?
  2. Fuck the ibuprofen.

    Start with 15mg of the vics. See how u feel.
  3. lol wtf?
    Getting high off ibuprofen is for 9 year olds.

    But vikes arent bad.
    Havent got much experience with them thou, all the times i did them i didint know what i was taking.
  4. Ibuprofen fuck that why would you take that shit
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    okay, fuck the ibuprofen
    how many vicoden should be taken? how longs the high? whats the high like?
  6. Whats the size of the pill?

    5s take 3
    7.5s take 2
    10s take 1.5

    Just take 15mg and see how you feel man.

    If you have no tolerance then you should be feeling excellent.
  7. take at least 30mgs of the vics.
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    Do not take 30mg!!!!

    30mg with no tolerance? I'm sure he wants to have a good experience.
  9. bro, take 1 and half pills. it'll be a good starter. gets you fucked up, but not enough for you to pass out. specially since your tryin em first time.
  10. i cant find thenm in the mess of a medicine cabinet in our house. do they go by antoher name sometimes?

    im clueless when it comes to pills
  11. Look for the word "hydrocodone".
  12. In a pill bottle it would be labeled as Hydrocodone.
  13. okay, but its "5/500mg"
    so how many
  14. Take 3.
  15. thanks, and one last question... is this a dangerous drug, is it possible to get addicted?
  16. It can be dangerous in high doses and yes you can become addicted.

    Just be smart and you will be fine.

    Don't make it a habit.

    I should take my own advice. I love my opiates.
  17. bah chances are ill pusssy out.its late and i have nothign to do while high, my tv broke.
  18. your seriously follow the advice of one person on the internet?
  19. I don't want to force you into doing something that you don't want to do, but trust me when I say that you will be fine taking 15mg of hydrocodone.

  20. i never said i was gonna do it, i just wanted info. i dont even drink becasue im so agianst synthetics

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