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  1. I was trying to figure out from looking at another thread... ("This Is Where I Blaze...") what kind of careers do the older stoners have? I'm talking liek someone who basically is doing what they're gonna be doing for the rest of their life and could support a family on it.
    -What do you do?
    -How much school?
    -Why did you get in to it?

  2. Define old :p

    A couple of people I grew up with are now supporting a family with jobs they thought were only going to be temporary.

  3. I am not old damn it lol

    I don't even have a lawn to tell you to get off of. :D

    ***Ohh you changed it from 25+ lol I feel better now
  4. yes, i figured theres gotta be some time after college
  5. Well, I am an old bitch, 45 and I am a child support investigator. I make a decent living but it could be better. I have an associate degree in social work. I initially got into it to work with child protective services but i could not handle it. Too many fucked up people out there that seriously abuse their kids. I hear that pharacology (pharmasist) is a good way to go these days. And no, you cant sample the merchandise lol
  6. that seems pretty legit. im just sick of everyone thinking stoners grow up to live in trailers and poor n shit.
    pisses me off.

  7. I know I don't have the data to back it up (don't care to look) but High Times had a blurb either in this months or last about Marijuana smoking going UP with income not down.
  8. I am not wealthy by any means but we make it. house, mortgage, kids, the whole shittin kit n kaboodle and i am a daily smoker.
  9. thats what im talking about. i want to know f the american dream involves cannibis
  10. of course it does!! how old are you? just curious.
  11. 20 years old
  12. well you have time to find your way. what do you do now? what are your interests?
  13. LOL @ 30+ being old. You will remember saying that in a few years and laugh because I did the same thing. The older you get, the less old certain ages feel.

    I'm 29 so I don't know or should I say I'm definitely not old by any means lol but I'm an X-Ray Technologist. It's not a high paying career by any means but it has enabled me to become exposed to many different areas within medicine that I can pursue. Examples would be to become a PA in whatever field that I choose, move on to become a CT or MRI tech, or leave radiology completely and do something else. I've always have the itch to give med school a shot but admittedtly, I lack the discipline at the present moment to even consider such a thing. Plus already having a family poses certain challenges to pursuing such a task.

    But with my marriage failing, I may very well get the chance to do such a thing.
  14. you are right about 30 not being old. i am 45, look 30 and i am not sitting in a damn rocker lol
  15. i say 30 isnt old but it is the beginining of most careers.
  16. I'm 30, but not old.

    I'm self-employed as a photographer and going to school for graphic design, and my husband works in the energy industry.

    We don't live in a trailer park, lol.... we live in a neighborhood full of cops.
  17. yeah thats good to hear. i cant wait
  18. Both of my parents smoke and they are successful doctors. Raking in over 250,000 a year. As long as you can handle your shit you can be wealthy and smoke. Take care of business and then have your business take care of you.

  19. Yup. I know many in the field of medicine that not only smoke but do many other harder drugs. Just because someone may have what seems to be a "normal" career, has no impact on whether they like to party. A friend of mine has partied with doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc and I'm talking about acid, ecstasy, marijuana, etc and he's a CT tech. Many of whom attended the burning man festival.

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