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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XXX STYLE XXX, May 31, 2003.

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  1. Well as we all know, sex is great. But for the most part we all think about pleasuring ourselves more than pleasuring our partner. Doesnt it make it more exciting making your partner moan in ecstacy rather than just cumming in five minutes and having her fake an orgasm? Yes we all suck our first time, I actually wasnt too bad but hey....

    So Anyways,

    You can tell when a woman fakes an orgasm, and i\'d be ashamed and embarassed if I couldnt pleasure my partner.

    Pleasure Techniques.

    Any of ya\'ll have some \"tricks\" or secret techniques you like to use on your partner? Kissing, foreplay, penetration and so on.

    I personally have pretty good chemistry with most women in bed or so i\'ve been told.

    You have to remember to have steady breathing, its not that attractive when your kissing and the guy/girl is huffing in your face, breathe continuously but softly. Another thing which is very difficult to explain you just gotta \"KNOW\" is read your partner. If your very inexperienced or just suck in bed you wont know what im talking about but its how you make women happy in bed. You have to pay attention to her facial expression and her body movement, dont expect to just find her clit with your dick, you have to find the right spot, you gotta find out what kind of pace she likes, start slow and if she shows more pleasure and grinding go faster.

    I love women who know how to kiss. Sloppy kissers are a big turn off.

    Dont slobber all over the place thats fucking disgusting.
    Dont just keep your head in one place like an idiot, find different ways to kiss, nibble on the lower lip, roll your tongue, etc... Breathing is very important while kissing, this is where most people have difficulty, after or during sex your breathing and heart beat raise so you may be breathing heavily, practice steady calm breathing even when your pumped, it makes a difference.

    Well i\'m bored tonight and havent had my dose of pussy for two days now which is frustrating so I posted this.

    Sex is addictive, more addictive than crack in my opinion, depends on how you think of it as and how good you are:) Sex can be fucking great and have you shaking in ecstacy if you want it to, but like I said it gets dangerously addicting..

    Ahh...Always remember to bring two condoms...After you jizz once your gonna want to fuck a few minutes later, and you dont wanna be using the same thing do you? It all depends on your sexual drive though, i\'ve heard stories of guys who couldnt get hard very often or when they did get hard they couldnt stay up for long or after they cummed they were wasted and couldnt go that true?

    Another thing, I know its easier said than done but go the gym. Get in shape, it means a lot to your partner whether thay say so or not. Flabby rolls are fucking horrible, and if you get offended by that (which you shouldnt) then go to the gym and start working out. you\'ll look and feel better.

    So who got laid tonight?


  3. lmmfao @ lessons in love
  4. ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhh omg thats great, ahahahahhahaha your awsome dude!
  5. Yes i\'\'ve been taught well.

    Thank god I havent had any herpes or infections, i\'ve had several times where I havent used a condom, and I always tell myself \"IM GOING TO USE A FUCKING CONDOM\" but when the girl doesnt make you put one on your thinking with your dick not your brain so....

    Pray to god I dont have HIV or some shit, I know its pretty rare (or at least I think it is) but it happens and I could possibly have it and not know about it, better get it checked out if I can remember.

    Not only that, I could also very likely be a father and not know about it. I know I have potent sperm like all my family (Thank you Thank You) and i\'ve jizzed plenty of times deep in there so who knows, maybe i\'m a father and I wont ever see my own kid or know about him, just some little worries that go through my head, if I had a kid i\'d like to know about it and be there for him as much as I could. However I am only 18 and i\'d rather not have a kid right now or any time soon, maybe in my late twenties or thirties....maybe


  6. lol

  7. him? thats a typical male thing to say. they come in both sexs u know.

    btw m8, tho a lot of wot u say is rite its laffable the way u say it. u sound like ur just repeting some talk that ur dad just gave u with a bit of jizz to spice it up. it sounds real fake. also u aint ever gonna b a truely gud lover till u find out the diffrance between pleasing ur partner and turning her on. when u can get a woman (plz note i said woman and not girl) that turned on that she wud do anything, and i do mean ANYTHING in bed then mayb i wudnt laff so hard when i read ur sig.

  8. but seriously, who actually wants a girl these days?

  9. me.

    i have a baby daughter and im very happy with that. i allways knew that when i had a baby it wud b a girl, dont ask y. i just did and im over the moon with her.
  10. yea sex is cool.... i made my b/f blackout during an orgasm on monday. lol he loves me so much after that. whatever i do it seems to work. as soon as we were done there i gave him a break and he wanted to go again so we went at it on the floor lol. after that he couldnt perform anymore haha but i love making him feel good even more than feeling good myself. theres nothing like hitting the right spot and listening to him moan in my ear oh man it puts a big smile on my face. sex once a week is nice, but any less than that and the relationship suffers. he has to skip his anti-depressant dose on the day that we do it, so we have to plan ahead. the only problem i seem to have is that when he cums, i dont know when hes finished so i dont know when to stop moving. i know it hurts when theres still movement after the orgasm.
    But yea i agree that sex is worthless unless you are physically attracted to the person. i mean there is nothing like fucking with a perfectly chiseled male body, mmmmmmm.....makes me want some real bad. not till wednesday!

  11. no... i faked sometimes and the guy cant tell... damn u wrote us a book ;)

  12. Ummm your an asshole, an ugly asshole.....
  13. well, i have faked it, and he can\'t tell. i know he can\'t. sometimes u just gotta.
  14. Dont ask me how i came accrooss this thread(is this what happens when im not here?)

    ok i\'d say if girls fake it its smost times it easy to tell, but u can usuly tell if they are by whats going on, not just noises and movment so most of the time yes u can tell, plus also guys still enjoy it weather ur faking it or not so ur not just going to react your just gonna try harder,

    Plus ur trying to plesure ur parnter and if u u fake it and we CANT tell then we wont try as we\'ll think ur there, so dont fake it, ur only ruining it it for urselfs lol

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