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  1. This is going to just be some music i have found recently, for those not wanting to read the paragraph.

    over the past year or so i've begun listening to a lot of jam bands, moe, disco biscuits, phish ofc, umphree's mcgee etc. I also recently found out about a local band called Vasudeva (Vasudeva (Video) op MySpace Music – Gratis gestreamde MP3’s, foto’s en Videoclips check that out they have a great sound),at my highschool that brought me into the sort of instrumental scene. By that i mean Toe, which is some type of oriental instrumental group who is fucking great ([ame=]YouTube - Toe - Velvet Blanc[/ame]). after that i searched around a bit and found a group called God is an Astronaut ([ame=""]YouTube - Solar Eclipse[/ame]) who also is an instrumental band but uses electronic sounds a bit and it sounds great.

    anyone else a fan of this type of music wanna make any suggestions i'd be glad to check it out:D
  2. nobody=(
  3. i <3 instrumentals.

    these guys are badass. :cool:
    [ame=]YouTube - El Ten Eleven - Hot Cakes[/ame]
    i like it when the camera zooms out on 0:40.
  4. thanks for sharing guys..
    huge fan of instrumentals as well

    Toe sounds real good

    heres some instru-groups i listen to

    [ame=]YouTube - Don Caballero. Live In Seattle 1999. Part 3[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - SCALE THE SUMMIT "The Great Plains" LIVE (CD Release Show)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - the advantage - goonies 2[/ame]
  5. nice. I like

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