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Discussion in 'General' started by Doggmann420, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Easy way to light your bowl and push it down even in the wind light your cigarette push the bowl down with it and take a rip it'll light the bowl for you just thought I'd share a tip some people might use it works really well
  2. wouldn't you be inhaling a cigarette through the pipe as well? i'll stick with the a lighter...or magnifying glass gotta love those
  3. this thread is for me, cuz it says for smokers. i am a smoker. so this thread is for me.

    i dont like smoking pot and inhaling tobacco along with it, but cool idea man.
  4. You dont really inhail smoke all you have to do it the cherry in for a sec inhail and your bowl will cherry its self almost instantly I cant even tell if i'm inhailing and cigarette smoke
  5. i have done this with a cigar before when my bic ran outta fluid. then the hit tasted like cigar and my cigar drags tasted like weed, was kinda cool

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