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Discussion in 'General' started by somekind, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. My youngest brother was hanging out with me this week. I'm over 2x his age, he's still in HS. Now he's saying this shit, "F'show", which is supposed to be some new cool way to say, "for sure", which was a perfectly good phrase as is.

    I asked him if he's taking his pig to the county fair 'for show' or 'for bacon'? Still, he's saying it after every sentance, like he's practicing.

    Last night I met some friends at the cantina for some beers. Now my friend 'waters' is saying the same exact thing. The other friend says it normally. I tried to find out where he got that from, like is there some new rapper that's saying 'F'show'?
  2. I've always heard people say fo sho
  3. fo' sho

    (short for for sure, not for show) ;)
  4. heh i hate these stupid slang terms. they go in and out more than Peter North
  5. Aheh heh heh, Peter North.

    Anyway, I never really use word expressions like that. Alot of my friends say stuff like "that's beat" or "he's a pretty chill guy" but not me. I will say for sure or for serious sometimes though.
  6. I just say whats the scoop, straight, and true.
  7. I think your being to critical. Its not like its a bad thing, it'll most likely pass just just any other teenage slang.


  8. ....:laughing::gc_rocks:

  9. You're way more optimistic than I am.
  10. I dont say 'Fo Sho', I say Fa Sho.
  11. same here bro.
  12. i say for sure, not fo sho. but i dont like stress it, i jsut say it casually like somebody says something and im just like "oh fershur."

  13. I bet some people 50 years ago thought the same thing about "cool" and everyone still uses that word.

    Is that the only slang word to really transcend the generation gaps?

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