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  1. if a newb asks for dosage JUST FUCKING IGNORE IT AND LET THEM GET BANNED. who cares?

    you see these threads where 8 of 10 responses are members runnin around like the mods little pets "watch out OP blah blah blah i'm so cool i know the rules ;)"

    i think there should be a new rule in Pandoras called: dont discuss the rules unless you're a mod. everyone who breaks rules, well thats their fault for ignoring the huge ass "READ ME FIRST" stickys.
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    No need to waste a thread about this, stating rules on threads you are describing, is far my beneficial then what you are trying to get across. Doing it that way allows more people to know about the great fight, and what we are trying to accomplish. Wasting a thread like this, is just adding fuel to the fire.
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  3. A rule to limit rules... nice, sounds like the US legal system. Fat lot of good that's doing us... ;)
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  4. Ohhh boy, I could not help but to start lol'n.
  5. what a fucking stupid thread. +b, /thread
  6. What a useless/pointless thread. Delete or close please.
  7. Hey OP you better watch out, I'm so cool I know how it goes round here.
  8. i love how the OP tells us not to talk about the rules
    but he makes a thread about it?

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