For quality purposes... Don't grow more than one strain at a time.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Oppertunistic, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. I see all these posts talking about first time growing, and how they have germinated 5 seeds 3 weeks ago, of bag seed, then some freebies, then some random strains I'm not going to take time to mention.

    Point being, If your first time growing, and have only popped a few seeds, haven't Grown out a full flowering cycle, haven't harvested, trimmed, and cured quality product yet, why would you try and grow more than one strain starting out?

    Marijuana has so many strains, so many phenotypes, so many variations to the plant, that they all require different attention than the plant sitting next to them.

    Save your self alotta headache and grow all your plants for your first time grow, the same strain.

    Once you become a better grower you will realize that your different strains feed different, like different temps, like different mediums even. and trying to learn how to make ONE quality plant, is far better than trying to make 6 different strains half assed.

    Go big, keep it clean, do it right.
  2. exactly lol. idk why people do that.. they even run 1 strain half assed then order a different strain for their 2nd grow also ending up half assed and blame it on the strain.

    ive been growing the same strain for about 7 months now(multiple harvests). its not an easy strain to grow indoors from my experience, and im still making improvements each time. ive grown outdoors for years and pretty new to indoor growing...its a whole new ballpark.

    ive continued to try and perfect growing this strain and im still learning. its almost a pure sativa that flowers in 55 days. it tries to stretch and branch out like crazy and untrained indoors can have a pretty crappy harvest.

    ive changed everything from nutes, mediums soil vs hydro, multiple training techniques supercropping, fim, topping, lst. had a scrog going even but ran out of flowering space. ive changed vegging times,pot sizes, nute strength for flower and veg,room temps, lighting... everything and each time i understand what is better for the ladies, and the yields keep getting better and also better quality =]
  3. I try any strains. If it suits my system and is quality, I keep it. I've tried we'll over 30 strains and currently run 8 that seem the like the same system.

    I do agree noobs should stick to 1 until they get their shit together.

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