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For people who want to know whats the diffrents tottaly from dank and sh+T

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by A Stock Broker, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I went out with a few freinds last night to a club called tribe - no pun intended, seurisly in mantattan to tribe, we were like were do u get bud from, someone taps ( a freind) and says go to blah blah blahs house, he lives in queens hes got weed in his mail box, at 1 am i am putting a 20 dolalrs bill in the mail box, long story short it was alot of 20 but listen,
    i smoked a batty, alot of it, i was stoned quick. I went home to my apartment to watch bootleg dark knight, and i wasnt high, like a solid hour i was high at all.
    Now if i had smoked good weed, like .9 for twon shit. I whould have been ripped all night, i am pissed
  2. wat are u talking about?

  3. LMAO!! agreed.
  4. someones fvcked up

    ...I highly doubt you're a stock broker with that grammar.

  6. Yah that sounds kinda lame,
    but honestly... you look about :smoking: by the way you are typing.
    Cuz normally you spell correctly and use correct grammar, haha.

    but uh, Dark Knight rules sober, too. So no worries!
  7. #7 Saint Dogg, Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2008
    Is the a point to this post???


    You understood him?!?!?! must be some new type of 1337 5p34k...
  8. hahahahaha funnny shit mang
  9. Shit man I just read this blazed out of my mind and I'm losing it right now.
  10. I c wut u did thur.

    Im sorry bro but you wont be able to out-troll that guy his buddy and their sex doll :cool:

  11. lol reminds me of my sig.
  12. Hahahaha what? Is that even English dude?
  13. Ummmmm................
  14. This same exact shit happened to me last week.

  15. OMG hahahahahhafhHhhahhahahHAHAHHAAHFHhhhhahhahaha. wshat are u all sayinnnnnggggggg im so lostttttt:cry:

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