For People Who Have Done Crack, Heroine, PCP, & hard drugs

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  1. I'm not trying to put down your decision. I'm just curious at why you tried them. I see no appeal at all in trying harder drugs. The side effects and long term effects are too scary for me. Plus I can't see any redeeming qualities in them. I like sticking to weed and safe hallucinogenic drugs. What's your stories?
  2. different strokes for different folks. They can make you feel better than you think.
  3. What drug in particular would you like to hear about?
  4. i IVd heroin... mainly cause i wanted to try it, I like opaites.... and sometimes i hate life and want to escape reality
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  5. i dabbled with all sorts of rx's back when i was a huge weed smoker. then i eventually just got 'burned out' on pot. weed just lost it's appeal to me. don't get me wrong, i'll blaze a fat bowl 24/7, but the highs you get from these harder drugs are so fucking feels good man.

    drugs are bad though mkay
  6. Swisher, barnkis, purps, and I can tell you anything you need to know.

    Edit: I tried each one for different reasons. Boredom, curiosity, etc. The real question is why do we continue to keep using them...
  7. Heroin is awesome when ived
    Crack is whack (havent tried it not planning on it)
  8. Well... here is the back story leading up to my hard drug use.

    I graduated high school in 2004. I went to Temple University for Journalism and before this point in my life I had never smoked or even as much as drank before in my life.

    I didn't well... I spent all my time in a clinical depression which therapy wasn't really helping. MJ really help me through that time, but it was too late to recover my academic career at temple so I came home to Jersey with my tail between my legs.

    Feeling like a failure I began working at a grocery store where I had previously worked and had a relationship with my first bf ever... who subsequently broke my heart and still worked there.

    A friend of mine who worked at the said grocery store was into heroin. It helped me not care about my problems... feeling nothing, neither sad or happy... not caring if an atom bomb went off, was a lot better in my mind than feeling what I had been feeling up to that point. I never injected though..., but I would spend $100 bucks for 10 hits and finish them in one night... which if you know anything about H from the NJ area, that's pretty insane. Even though I haven't touched the shit in 1.5 years, I'm sure my tolerance will never go back down as if I had never done it... and even to this day I still insuffulate 80mg OC and 30mg Roxies... so my opiate addiction is still something I'm working on, but I'm not paying for the pills so it's better than wasting money on a sensless and terrible addiction.

    Don't know what else to say. Heroin is probably the one thing I wish I could have never done, more than ever having to go through my first heartbreak, which almost made me end my own life.
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    I ask myself this too. I don't know man, I'm not really addicted except for opiates. I just do drugs, it's who I am. I just need to get fucked up all the time lol. I always have that "Gettin fucked up" attitude. It's just part of my routine now
  10. not on the list, but i've done cocaine. For a while, i was like 'neever gonna do hard drugs'. then that failed. and i had a friend who did a lot of coke. so she got me some good shit. And it was like the most energetic rush ever. which wore off within an hour. and i decided that while that was nice, the comedown sucks, and it's rediculously expensive for the high.

    but man, things like weed and acid warp the mind. make things cool. make you trip and feel strange. but 'hard drugs' are just a blast of euphoria. feeling better than you ever could naturally. some like coke/crack/meth are a positive uppy one that gives you energy. other like heroin are a relaxation like no other. but they are such a strong feeling that you cannot get otherwise. the problem is, of course, that since you can't get the feelings otherwise and they're so strong, that you want to do it again. and it's not hard to get addicited. of course, they're also really expensive xD. i think it's worth knowing, but it takes a certain kind of person to try them without having serious life problems. many of those are here, intelligent folks to understand what drugs really are. appreciate that it means to artificially change chemical balance in the mind. are able to enjoy that without thinking you cannot have problems from it.
  11. You know alcohol is a hard drug too right OP?

  12. Werd.
  13. word x3
  14. Because I just don't give a fuck what happens to me in life. Why try and take care of yourself through life when at any second you can die. I just want to live life to the fullest while I can.
  15. Have done heroin a few times but do not plan on using it again. As for why I tried it, well shit, just another tool to blow your mind with.
  16. TRUE. I never though I'd ever be somewhat addicted to anything until I stumbles upon Dilaudid/Oxycodone(OC's and Roxi's). Opiates are sunshine in a tablet!

    I do drugs a lot to ease anxiety. I feel I'm only a likeable person if I'm high off my ass or drunk, etc. It's part of my lifestyle.
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    Ectasy wasn't on the list, but the times I have thizzed are definetly some of the best times of my life. I've never felt better then when I'm thizzin. Doing ectasy to me is like no other feeling soooo wonderful. I personally though can definetly feel the effects it has done to my brain. I definetly feel stupider now then I was before I popped. Even though I know its so bad for me I don't think I'll ever stop doing it, hopefully just less regularly though. Definetly my favorite drug.

  18. i actually lolled.:p

    welcome to addiction bud.:cool:
  19. I've been an addict for a while

  20. Yeah same here, started with opiates way to soon, broke both the tibia and fibula in my ankle(metal rod/12 screws) when i was 15 long story short, i saved some of my script from that (hydro 7.5's), and ive been in love ever since.

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