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  1. Hey I just wanted to ask you guys What is The Greatest Marijuana Strain Available On The Net Today?
    That ships to the US
    That is from a reliable seed bank

    I want to stock up on the greatest seeds for next season or indoors perhaps :rolleyes:

    My favorite strain of all time has to be OG Kush but Ive never seen it for sale
  2. C99, Deep Chunk, anything that has either 'hash' or 'berry' in the name. Hit up for some deals.
  3. Thanks dude I will check it out
  4. how bout ice? is that as good a strain as they make it out to be? i hear its kind of unstable... but just look at the pictures of it!
  5. Ice looks very good in its pics but I want to get the most dank, bombest Bud available
  6. believe me me too man, were in the same boat (god i hate that expression, ill use it ne way). haha.

    i want the trippiest bud there is. best highs are the ones that make your whole body feel like your moving super fast and you hear noises of objects like ten miles away, super bright colors, framing.. all that good stuff
  7. well the trippiest of the trippy strains are giant sativas like haze & lien huanh, but indoors ESPECIALLY i like the sound of C99. trippy, grows quick and small and has a stealthy floral odor. many say super silver haze is the best indoor sativa, but it gets skunky.

    if you like the taste of licorice, durban poison is super exotic. the flavor makes me nauseous though. great high and pretty compact for an allegedly pure sativa

    kali mist should definately be considered though. it isn't trippy, but it is the most energetic weed you can smoke anbd instead of typical sativa paranoia, you experience pure bliss like a mellow dose of shrooms. it's spicy hot red pepper flavor is delicious too. it's my 2nd favorite sativa after "pinecone" thai. i'm thinking that haze skunk (aka super haze) might be a contender for best indoor sativa because 1/2 of it is thai dominant haze crossed with a 75% sativa that's compact like an indica. the only thing possible better to cross with haze might be C99. super haze has won awards, but i don't think many have bothered to grow it yet.

    then, alot of people actually prefer the relaxing to flat out stone of indicas.
  8. hash plant from looks like the most potent to me
  9. thanks for the responses dudes Im going to take a look into these strains
  10. super silver haze X C99 sounds pritty good or maybe some lien huanh X C99

    are strains like that out there?
  11. super silver haze & jack herer have EXACTLY the same genetics only SSH flips the male & femal roles on the final cross for a better pheno. SSH is supposed to be better than jack. cinnamon girl is a rare female only pheno of jack too. C99 is ALSO related to those two from what i've heard. i like the sound of her better myself because she doesn't skunk out like her brothers and where SSH at least can couchlock, cindy is speedy. apollo 11 is allegedly also related. someone once described it as C99 with an extra dose of indica. it's trippy, but more euphoric where C99 can get paranoid.

    A11, burmese & hawaiian sativa all sound pretty similar. they're reasonably compact, mellow, lemony and sativa dominant. A11 & burmese both can get trippy, but i'm not sure if hawaiian does.

    try and read some smoke reports for any strain you're looking. the overgrow guide is a good place to start.
    that's an AWESOME place to get the lowdown on alot of strains. sadly, many of the best, read sativas, are off the radar there.

    hey... go check the seasoned tokers forum out. there's a sticky thread in there with a bunch of strainguide type links posted by someone who thought the OG guide was gone.

    i tell you though, you just can't trust parental heritage info anywhere! one site claims that C99 is jack herer crossed with shiva skunk (she's more indica than jack? that can't be) and i remember reading a C99 lineage, from spice brothers i think, that claimed she was something crossed with ice princess. i've seen such contradictions before at various sites. someone starts a rumor until someone repeats it.
  12. AWESOME Info pokernaut thanks alot
  13. hey, no problem! anything i can do to promote sativas and destroy indicas is a pleasure! LOL

    while i'm here, i was researching sativas to possibly add to my collection if i ever get off my butt and grow what i have, and in reading one grow report, someone said that they quit doing C99 because of the paranoia and switched to DTC99 (durban/thai highflyer X C99) because that strain is trippy but not so paranoid. i wonder if it's just a specific pheno though because it would be crossing C99 with a virtually pure sativa that 1/2 trippy and paranoid thai.

    i only smoked durban poison once and don't remember it being paranoid, but i could only get that one gram i had, so i nursed it instead of plunging in. i kinda wished i did with that and the gram of kali mist i was given too, but when you've gone 10 years without getting high and have nothing but contempt for all of the couchlocking shit you've wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on, you want to make it last.

    in my notes, i have a few more nice links for you to check out too in researching strains.
    is a nice little smoke report forum. we really need one of those or our own strain database here. i recommended it last year but nothing came out of it. ALL i care about is smoke reports. sadly all anyone usually does is describe the growing process and post pics that someone says "wow! that shit looks awesome!" about. yeah... but you can't smoke a pic. a plant can look great and smoke like shit and vice versus. is a strain talk forum

    and stay tuned for to return. i just checked in and there's a dead link and an altavista search found a link to their "stay tuned... moving to a new location" page. if memory serves me right, it was a med use grow report forum.

    i don't know what it's like, but lemon thai was supposed to be "the shit" at one of the forums i found when looking for sativa smoke reports. sounds cool just by the name

    oh... peak 19 is trippy and super potent. it's super trippy stonehenge crossed with the super potent hybrid matanuska thunderfuck. i didn't find any smoke reports for it discussing paranoia, but i would imagine it's hybrid half would cut the paranoia down some.

    still, i think you'd love apollo 11. in the "looking for an indoor thai substitute" thread i created at overgrow, most people were naming super silver haze (which can get skunky and couchlock too... DUH! can we talk about sounds not interesting?), jack herer, C99 & a few liked apollo 11.

    i bet that lemony flavor is yummy too! i bought my A11/lien huanh specifically for crossing with california orange to try and create an orange flavored sativa.

    one quick update, i found some really old notes i had from research at, and it said that grapefruit (an NYC diesel pheno), arjan's haze & domina haze are all trippy and either relaxed or euphoric. those are some $$$ strains though i bet.

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