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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by illcid, Aug 12, 2003.

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  3. i love mj

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  4. is this a good idea or no...would like some feedback, thanks
  5. u have the sun way to close to the plant.

    move it back till u can put ur hand near the top of the plant without burning ur city to a crisp.
  6. damn, was this thread that gay? I was bored so I made a little illistration, im just asking you guys instead of using POTS I wanna use natural pots, you dont have to be a smart ass.
  7. Sounds like a good idea to me! Im going to be digging and filling 20 of them late november for next year. And while your at it put some good soil in the holes and dont use ferts or just use organics (manure). Thatway, nextyear you will have some holes already dug out and all composted ready to go! and dont jsut dig a hole and put the soil in make shure you losten up the surrounding soil as much as possible. Also while your at it make another 5-10 holes and fill them with a soil mix for next years grow.

    I sent you a PM illcid

  8. yeah i do, i cant help it. iv read ur posts and u have ur moments aswell so dont get the hump over it.

    growing outdoors and preping the soil 1st is the best way 2 grow if u got the place 2 do it. iv done a bit of outdoors growing but not a lot and nowhere near as much as a lot of the growers on ere so i thought id leave the advice bit to them, u do have the sun to close tho.

  9. yes there is.
    1, bigots
    2, ppl that slag other ppl off from behind a pc
    3, ppl that try and put other ppl on a downer 4 no gud reason.
    4 and then theres u.
  10. ok little kids, lets stop fighting, just asked a simple question and seem to get immature statements from everyone. Thanks for all your support........

    I appreciate your support gr0wer, thanks man!
  11. just not ur day is it.

    have u thought about growing in pots incase u need to move them or is ur grow gonna b safe from the time u plant till the time u harvest?

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