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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by daiseyduked, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. have you ever faked an orgasm?

    i came across hatebreeders orgasms thread and started thinkin, ya know those times when your just not in the mood or you were in the mood and then it just started takin for ever and he just wont cum already!!!!!! lol! sometimes you just gotta fake having an orgasm to get the ball rollin, i know i have.
  2. Yes...I have tons of times....but let me explain.

    My ex-boyfriend Brendan had been lied to his whole life...all of his girlfriend\'s must have faked it everytime, b/c he couldn\'t figure out why I couldn\'t come whenever we had sex (I never did) and it was hurting his feelings. He said all of his past girlfriends always came, and he didn\'t know what my problem was...he thought I didn\'t love him enough. So I started faking it so he wouldn\'t be hurt.

    Not like it mattered anyway, b/c he cheated on me :mad:

  3. same with me, sex is fun and my boyfriend knows i think so, so yeah, no pressure
  4. i don\'t have to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, i\'m talkin about the times you don\'t feel like it but do it anyways and it feels like it takes eons for him to cum so i start moanin and gaspin for air n shit.. so he\'ll get turned on more and finally finish. don\'t get me wrong. we have great sex! but sometimes......i just aint in the mood!!! hmmm........ well i must be the only little devil fakin it!
  5. hell Ill be honest with my sex life
    I have faked it with every guy I was with. EVERY. hahaha, that is so funny. I NEVER felt like doing it, and it ALWAYS felt like it took him FOREVER to \'finish\'. how depressing! LOL but even now I have with girls, I come pretty easily (aw, how nice it is!) but there were a few times that Ive faked it because it was with a new chica and I didnt want her to get discouraged like the first time, after things got comfortable she got good at it :p

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