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  1. OMG my friend called me up this morn and was like man I got something you might wanna see and I was like well have to wait and see if someone calls he wouldnt tell me directly but he hinted towards plants. So later he calls me and say he is bringing one of em by Im like OK?? so he comes over and hands me a garbage bag with a plant inside in some rockwool and this plant is about as big (tall) as the garbage bage was for free he just gave it to me for free. Now here is the kicker heh it is a garunteed female plant (thats right its a clone) and supposed to be some really good shit. Now where I live we dont normally know the strain of what we smoke we have classes of pot starting from best to worst is Krippie, Hydro, Regs, and Dirt. Hydro and Krippie tend to be stuff like NL, Blueberry, and so on. LOL you all will have to excuse me Im a bit high lol. Anyway he stated this was a Krippie plant now the original grower I think knows the strain on the plastic wraped around the rockwool were the letters FB written in marker I think this is the abrevation for the strain but I dont know of anything that might be close and I hope someone here might know what it is I have a pic of it I know its shit quality but thats the best I can do. I'll fill you in on the rest the plant appears sativa dominant. Super skinny leaves and the plant is really tall its 3ft and looks like it wants more lol this thing is healthy. The nodes are split instead of the v shape it is satggerd (lol). Any ideas would be appreciated as to what she maybe.
  2. heh like i said im kinda high and forgot to post the pic sorry but it is shit quality I put the chair in there for size comparison.

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  3. FB has nothing to do with the strain it was more so to remind them that one was to be moved out. lol go figure.
  4. Your a lucky lucky person. me thinks i wil have to sample this plant. =)

  5. Hope your grow goes well....I bet you were jumpin for joy when you got it....have fun


  6. Heh well I don't know about jumping for joy I was like more amazed that he just gave it to me. I sat there looked at the plant and smoked a joint. Then did a lil work to ensure a good life. Thank god I live where I do the past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful a lil bit of rain and just as sunny as you can get. The plant was an indoor plant so Im sure it is liking the sun I get here (I live in a subtropical place) the moisture has been high to it has been in the upper 80's to low 90%. Although I do pla on bringing her in soon to bud her she is a fully developed plant never been budded or anything so wish me luck. :)

  7. congrats to ya

  8. Yet you smoked a joint off it? hmmmm
  9. What a dumbass if you read the reply that the dude with the plant typed he said he smoked a joint not a joint off the plant but just a joint that came from sumwhere else, damn!

    PEACE OUT!!!

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