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    Aight so i searched for a soccer thread and I couldn't find one. So apologies if there already is one cause peeps seem to get their panties in a twist when someone makes a repeat thread.

    But I know there's gotta be some passionate soccer stoners out there like me, so I lets hear it!

    We all know soccer is the most popular sport in the world and America is finally beginning to open its door to it. I myself love European football, primarily the spanish style of play, I'm sure there are some who can agree that Brazilians and Spaniards move the ball beautifully and with such finesse and skill.

    Favorite MLS Team: None really. But since I'm in PA, I'll be rooting for the newly formed Philadelphia Union
    Favorite Club Team: Liverpool!
    Favorite National Team: Gotta support uncle sam in S. Africa 2010
  2. you'll never walk alone mate ha ha
    hopfully tevez is comin to liverpool in the next few weeks
  3. Italy: Juventus
    England: Liverpool
    Argentina: Boca Jrs.

    Favorite overall team: only THE BEST! FC Barçelona

    Ya I loved football ever since I can remember. The 1998 World Cup was the first major tournament I followed; when France outclassed Brazil 3-0 and Zidane forever cemented his name along all the greats of Football history.

    South Africa 2010 is a year away now. I think Spain is looking like the clear favorite to take it. Their style of play is pure beauty; based directly from Barça's philosophy! I'll be rooting for them as well as Argentina.
  4. Premier League: Man U
    Serie A: AC Milan
    La Liga: Real Madrid
    Bundesliga: Bayern Munich

    Favorite players:

    C. Ronaldo
    L. Messi
    Michael Owen
    Wayne Rooney
  5. playin soccer stoned is one of my favourite things to do, love the sport, bin a man united fan since the age of 4, they were outclassed by a fantastic barcelona side in the champions league final, any of ye soccer stoners get to see it?
  6. I have been to games in Sevilla and Madrid...insane! The Europeans really get into it! My daughter played for a couple of seasons, she wasn't too fond of it...she is more of a "book worm..." No problems with that!!

  7. Some of the best times playin, or just shooting around, were when I was stoned. Great feeling...

    ..but i saw most of the champions league final. The beginning was epic, with man u controlling the ball for the first 10 min or so. Then the first time Barca gets it, streaks down the field, and Eto'o had the nice finish.

    Anyone tryin to go to S. Africa 2010?
  8. oh ah up the ra
    lets go celtic

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  9. cule fanright here, whats gonna happen to the champions league thread?

    anyone following the summer market? florentino singed kaka, i think he is a better player for madrid than ronaldo, florentino if fucking the market up.
  10. fc barcelona owns all
  11. Yeah I love football man, it's the best sport in the world in my opinion. This huge rugby player said that football was a pussy sport and I promised I'd prove him otherwise on the pitch. I came steaming into the tackle and put him on his ASS, he was on the floor for a good minute or two before he could even stand up. Football's a very physical game, just because people don't do takedowns or throw people with their arms doesn't mean it isn't. Last two seasons I've been playing for Bridgnorth Town in England and have been the captain of the youth team for the last two seasons. We won the league last season but this year have only managed to finish third cause of inconsistent results, though we beat 1st and 2nd 3-0 and 4-0 respectively. I play centre back, I'm 6 ft 4 and win virtually every header there is to win.

    My school team (Charlton) after winning the county cup final 4-0 against Ludlow. I'm the tallest guy on the back row. We had a fucking awesome team. The black lad played for Birmingham City, Stoke and Wolves academies but suffered a series of injuries. He's still a great player but loves smoking weed. Before you ask, the blonde guy on the bottom row doing the really gay thumbs up pose did NOT play regularly for the team, nor did the chunky Indian guy.
    Bridgnorth Town U18s on the day we won the league. I'm the tall guy in the centre of the back row with 'JM' on the shirt.

    Me in action wearing the captains armband when we beat Admaston 5-0 in the semi final of the county cup.
    My penalty against Saha in the final of the county cup to keep us in the game
    [ame=""]YouTube - Vs Saha U18s to keep Bridgnorth Town U17s in the game[/ame]
  12. nice man keep playing.
  13. Cheers dude thanks for the rep
  14. You live in PA and your calling it football?


    Best watch it
  15. Germany: FC Bayern forever number one!

    MLS: Seattle Sounders
  16. Favorite MLS Team: Seattle Sounders...stop getting stupid cards!! start scoring again
    Favorite Club Team: Depends who is in form, currently like Liverpool for EPL, Valencia for La Liga, and Bayern for Bundesliga
    Favorite National Team: oranje!!

    and wow, Ronaldo finally goes to Madrid for $131.6 million dollars, most expensive asshole the game has seen ;)
  17. NOOO... Madrid got Ronaldo! :mad:

    Club: Man U
    MLS: Sounders
    International: England
  18. Yea man, 131$ mil for a player? That's rediculous! :eek:

    Found out today while watching the NBA playoffs that one of Orlando's reserves makes 5 mil. a year...i understand that being talented is a gift, but players nowadays are clearly being exploited.

    It's frustrating knowing that I'm going through all these years of school so I can make a decent wage (around 55k) and get a secure job with benefits and athletes are rolling in the $$ because they're good at a sport. Something needs to be changed i think....but i'm high and that is my rant.:smoking:
  19. ill have to go with my heritage, and say Germany is going to take the cake in 2010

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