For experts.. Instead of defoliation? Pics included

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thcaddict16, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. I'm in the 5th week of flower.. Instead of defoliation I've decided to tie down the leaves so the lower branches can get more light... Apart from the long time it takes to do this, am I harming the plant in any way?

    Reason why I'm still sceptical is what if by tying down the leaves they will require more energy to live when what we want to achieve is all energy to the buds... I understand by clipping them off all energy will then go to the buds but I don't want to risk harming the plant hence I've thought of tying them down...

  2. Also is it too late to chop off the bottom (lollipop)
  3. I just chop them off. Takes a few days to recover, but they do. I trim several times during veg, so I can do a heavy inner trim on 2nd week of Bloom, and by then the plant is conditioned for it. That looks kinda ridiculous to me. Some guys may like it. Just my opinion...

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  4. What's up man. Chop those bitches off ..

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  5. Hey addict, you want as much surface area to soak up the rays as possible, in other word, keep your leaves as horizontal as they can be. Whether big fan leaves or bud leaves, the sun only comes down not sideways so your using up energy, losing light and nutrients all at once. Top, crop and lollipop, lol. Good luck, everything looks fine.

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  7. You're over thinking this. Those plants aren't dense/thick/full enough to even worry about removing or tying down leaves. Just leave them be.

    Cutting those leaves will do absolutely nothing but slow down growth. Photosynthesis happens in your plants leaves. What would removing them do?


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